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One Of Us - page 1



Page 1 of my comic-to-be - One Of Us! :D

Page 2 - [link]


Okay only the first two pages will be up for a while, so here's a brief idea of what the comic will be about:

The narrator recounts the little told darker history of the Pridelands line of Kings, starting with Mohatu, down through Ahadi and Uru, right up to Mufasa taking the throne.

Basically gonna be a theoretical semi-canon, much darker retelling of lion-y politics, conflicts and romances up to the start of the original movie.

I know the first two pages aren't much to go on, but I'd recommend sticking with it til at least the end of the prologue if it sounds like something that might interest you.

Thanks for checking this out!
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wait wait wait. what happened to taka?