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The Sign of the Emperor

"And then I felt a breeze, chilly and fresh. My broken body recovered and I felt as the divine energy flows through my fingers, ready to strike. There was a winged creature made of light in my hand. Phoenix or Imperial Eagle - I didn't know. But I felt - He watch me. And I can't lose this battle for His Imperium".
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I have never seen a baby carriage look so cool.
The-Harbinger-FA's avatar
I think the dread knight looks cool but it kinda looks half finished. I don't think Matt ward deserves all the blame, yes he overpowered the ultrasmurfs, messed with the codex of other chapters, but shouldn't games workshop also take the blame?
Matt Ward was the greatest thing to happen to the Grey Knights. P.S: After Ward left and the new codex came out DKs are even more OP
The-Harbinger-FA's avatar
You must be trolling.

Please tell me you're trolling. If you're serious then you can no longer be considered human.
omolina100's avatar
He's not kidding, Dreadknights got even better
Charios's avatar
still looks like shite, even orks would'nt want to loot that
omolina100's avatar
I have a gretching piloting a dreadknight that would like to have a word with you.
Charios's avatar
a grot?! not propa ork?
SepulturaSlayer's avatar
Wow, never saw a dreadknight before, such a weird thing. Great work, i love the feathers flying around!
Noldofinve's avatar
Thanks a lot for warm words. Dreadknight was a great shot of GW. They gave us really nice unit.
The-Harbinger-FA's avatar
Great work, but horrible looking model on tabletop, it makes sense to have one but it really is a horrible looking unit.

This is what they should have made it look like:…
DeanCota's avatar
Wonderfully done! I love how the details next to the terminator are crisp and clear, and those away from the light get fuzzy and hazy. Really draws the eye. Also love the dreadnought. Can't remember the name, but always thought it funny that there's a Grey Knight, in terminator armor, in a dreadnought. Seems a bit overkill if you ask me.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ))
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Now who's gonna stop him?
brujahonly's avatar
Nah, these guys have really huge editorial back-up. They almost never die :)
DraskyVanderhoff's avatar
Why isn't it the twin head eagle ? I know that the second head is for the Adeptus Mechanicus... but the Machine Spirit also needs encouragement !
Noldofinve's avatar
Because I wanted one-head eagle. :)
Why the hell did you create such a wonderful artwork from something that is essentially a giant baby-carrier? I mean, honestly, it must be a crime to do something this good.

Also, I can't help but imagine this from the GK: "LOOK, HERETICS, I MADE A BIRD!"
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Thank you. :) Glad you liked it.
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