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Lion El-Johnson

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Прекрасен, для меня лично ваш Джонсон - это канон, но он какой то добродушно-грустный что ли :) (Smile) Глаза мягкие очень. Он же воплощённая безжалостность и бесстрастность.
Вы специально такого эффекта добивались?
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Для меня Джонсон - сродни хорошему изящному клинку в кожаных ножнах. Ножны мягкие, но скрывают смертельное лезвие, если выражаться пафосно. Если вспомнить книги, то бесстрастность и якобы безжалостность Льва - это верхний слой, оболочка. Под которой находятся другие слои. В том числе обнаруженное Немиилом неумение разбираться в людях, корни которого, скорее всего, лежат в том, что Лев - эдакий вархаммеровский аналог Маугли с сопутствующим ворохом проблем. 
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I still love the encounter between Lion and Leman Russ, the Space Wolves Primarch.
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Those two are tough. Sadly I don't know thw whole story about their encounter.
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Leman Russ and Lion El-Johnson were both on the same planet about to attack an enemy. Leman demanded the right to assault the enemy and told the dark angels to back off. However Lion had been planning the assault for weeks and did it anyway, leaving Leman to just watch. Afterwards Leman punched Lion in the head and the two primarchs fought. Eventually Leman Russ saw how childish he was being and began to laugh but Lion just punched him and knocked him out cold for a few days XD
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Sadly, the two kept a bitter grudge towards each other, and were never able to reconcile with one another from their living...
Since then, the two legions are rivals... It's funny, but at the same time, kinda heartbreaking.
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Amazing work but in the books he has red hair. Please correct me if I'm totally wrong :)
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Yes, you're wrong. :) Magnus is red-haired.
Thanks. :)
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Ah okies. I need to read the 6 book of the Horus Heresy again ^^
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Then 11-th book too. ))
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Quite the best face drawing for the Lion el Jonson ever. It gives the feeling of the sinister and dark look the Lion has.

He is really the dark angel!
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Thank you very much. Lion is very interesting character for me, both mysterious and difficult for interpretation. And it was a real pleasure to draw him.
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мой любимый примарх.
на еврея не похож :)
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А почему он должен походить на еврея?
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эпипичный дядька на эпипичном арте :З
Noldofinve's avatar
Одним словом - примарх. ))
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One of my guildmates in World of Warcraft told me about this game and got me into reading a lot of its lore, Lion El'Jonson was one of my very top favorites of the Primarchs (I also really liked Alpharius, Conrad Curze, and Jaghatai Khan, though it's a tough decision).

Of course, your rendition is wonderful, I just ran across your gallery and am in the process of checking it out, but I love your art so far.
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Thank you very much for your comment. :)

I was also told about Warhammer 40000 by a friend. this universe is really amazing. And I like all primarchs: some of them more, some - less. All of them have somethinh charming and interesting.
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What a prettyboy!
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Yes, he is. ))))
Без стихов...? :'(
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Жду, пока соавтор напишет. )) Стихи понравились?
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