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The Library

A cultists library where they go to study magic and practice spooky rituals. Done for the board game Fate of the Elder Gods, by Greater than Games. 

You can follow me and find more of my work here-




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Ah. Just the place to hold a human sacrifice ritual. 😮

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if i have your permission i like to use your library work in my color pinup 
i will post the deviant link of my work 
You have been visited by a Critmas Fairy! We fairies are trying to show the world we can give critique to others without being downright criticising, as per the spirit of CRITmas. I noticed you were asking for critique in the forums. Mind if I just hop on to business, then?

First things first: gorgeous, these warm browns and purples! I'm a sucker for cosy wooden interiours like these. Your magic circle seems to be very well-done also, and that slight tilt of the picture is very effective.
I think I do spot some things I think are caused by going too quick over your constructive stage.
For one, the crossbeam in the middle doesn't seem to be IN the exact middle - starting right above the mid-point of that archway for sure, but it appears to be going too much to the right from there.
Another thing I find strange is, and I suppose this would become apparent if a character were to be in the scene, is the height at which the candle sconces are placed. Given the size of the candles and books, they would be mounted about midriff-hight or thereabouts, which is very odd and probably a fire hazard.
Lastly, but feel free to disregard this, I guesstimate those steps of the stairs there are rather lowish, making them awkward to asc-or descend. The first couple are fine, but then it gets problematic.

Neverhteless, I can see the love and dedication that went into this picture, and so I hope my critique doesn't come across as too harsh or anything.
Instead, I wish the New Year to be, for you, full of inspiration and very prolific to boot. For now, have a fine evening and maybe catch you about!
Capt. BATTLEFAIRIES from Team Fairies
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WOW thank you for the wonderful critique!!! You could not be more correct about the construction phase. That's a recurring issue and I'm striving hard to not rush it! Great points about the candles and steps you're absolutely correct.

Thank you again and all the best wishes to you as well!
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Your beautiful work has been feature here
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Thank you so much!
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Looks like someone picked a book they shouldn't!
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Haha you can only go wrong in that library!
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Amazing scenery! I love how detailed those bookcases are! 

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Thank you! This was a real turning point for my art.
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Wow, this is gorgeous! I love everything about this painting, especially books and how you painted melted wax. Well done!
I don't play many board games but I would play this one :)
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Aw!!! Thank you so much Heart Heart Heart  That's such a huge compliment, and I cannot encourage you to play board games enough!
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this is really beautiful! Are you making a game or something? I think you should if it wasn't your intentions. (: Or have you already made a game of this, called "Fate of the Elders Gods"? cool anyhow!
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 Thank you so much :) Yes this is already for a game called Fate of the Elder Gods published by Greater Than Games! I do fully intend to make my own game some day :D
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oh, cool! It isn't published yet, is it? Because I just find it on kickstarter. x)
I think I might will buy it when it comes out. I collect beautiful and fantasy boardgames. I just played Mistery, that was quite nice and a really beautiful game like this!

I wish you good luck on making your own game some day! I'm convinced you will succeed! 
Take care!Hug 
NolanNasser's avatar
Thank you so much! You're the kindest :) 

It's only been kickstarted, we're wrapping up assets and it will be out in stores Q1 or Q2 next year I believe! 
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How exiting! I'm looking forward too it, I will keep an eye open for the game next year! (:
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I wish this place was real I'd never leave
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That's such an awesome compliment, haha thank you. And same here, although probably would be trapped there against my will due to misusing spells but hey...
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