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The Beginning of the story is, Everyday in the United States one child is accidentally killed by a handgun. this is a story of one of these children.
The Story Of Gunplay by Nolan2001
The Story Met A Real John Darling. 5 years ago The Son Of Brian darling has died. He was 10 years old. The fact there guns are extremely dangerous, Here is what the story begins.

Friday afternoon 2:30 pm School auditorium

At School auditorium, The photographer taking of pictures, So I probably want to know is this. Do you want to know is this?
Brian Darling by Nolan2001

This is brian darling. he is 10 years old. This is the story called,
Gunplay: The Last Day in The Life of Brian Darling by Nolan2001

Gunplay: The last day in the life of Brian darling.
Each Story Is My own Lifestories.
The Boys are Going outside to play football.
The Boy Said, Your sitting alone upstairs? the boy heard us, You hide it in the bathroom. You locked the door. but he hears you. the footstep started coming closer, and closer, the door handle starts turning, and turning.. Brian said. the boy says, i scream.! I Jumped out the window. Brian says. The Window has been painted shut! you are Trapped! The Boy talks to Brian, sort as our friends. What is Breath?! its gross than to yours. Brian said. The boy Blow to Brian and the friends says, Gameplay!!! So They did.

Friday afternoon 5:00 pm

the boy open and closes the door and then, He went to the kitchen. when he open and close the cabinet. he opens the fridge and he heards, mom!? The Boy walks quietly and what they tough was the window open. the boy close the winodw. and then he was.

Next Chapter.
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January 29, 2016