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You Know What I'm Thinking When I'm Sulking Up? I'm Thinking How great it would be if FairyTalesArtist wasn't My Friend. It's Because make being Nolan The Lame a Whole Lot Easier.
I am Really Sorry To Say This But, That Burglar Just Killed Jim Nabors Last Night Or Day!.. :(
Now Where Was I Again? Oh Yeah.
Where Was I? Oh Yeah.
Where Was I Again.? Oh Yeah.
Oh Yeah.
Because I Was So Upset About Anime. Where Was I..? Oh Yeah. :)
Lucky For Me. It Was a Great Day For Adam Sandler!. :)
Sometimes It's Not About Elmo That Give a very dissapointed. but, If Elmo Want to Find Out, What do firefighters wear to keep safe when they put out fires? Find Out What Happens.
I Feel Like It Wasn't Being Thinking That Life Is Nothing But The Playground Or Something. I Think I Got Molested By Doug Walker Last Year.. Ouch. Sorry About That Anger. (: )
So... At First It.. It Was Really Hard To Except Things Like Monkeying Around. Here Are It Is, Every Sunday, I Make Sure That Boxcar Billy Is All Right.. And Every Sunday I Told My Parents About Monkeying Around With God.... It Hurts... Ow It Hurts Alot!. But, I Excepted For Me. I Had To...
Happy Birthday Bill!. :)
Special Thanks To Juanrules678! :) Wow.! I Can't Believe This Is the Anniversary To Me. It's Been These Years I've Great Idea. :)
Oh Man, Robert Hardy (Minister Fudge) is Down. I Really Lost Robert Hardy Because He's Down. :(
RIP Robert Hardy.
I'm So Sad That Sam Shepard Is Down!. I Just Really Don't Know What I'll Do. I'm So Sorry To What Happened About This. RIP Sam Sheapard.. :(
Sorry I'm Late. :)
Happy 36th Birthday Hayden.! Hayden Christensen Is One Of My Favorite Actors From Are You Afraid Of The Dark Of All Time. Don't Forget To Wish Hayden Christensen Happy 36th Birthday.! :)
49 Years Later, Martin Luther King Jr Is Dead On April 4, 1968 In Memphis TN. They Buried On April 9, 1968 In Atlanta, GA. Even James Earl Ray Was Sentence. Link The Video Right Here.
Bonnie Wright Is One Of My Favorite Actress Known For Harry Potter. And Don't Forget To Wish Bonnie Wright Happy 26th Birthday.! :)