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Now, I'm making a TON of conjoined characters (which you can draw if you want) and I allow suggestions for more. I have a set of guidelines for you. I will go through the parts of the bio and their limitations.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUGGEST A SET OF CONJOINED TWINS, TRIPLETS, QUADRUPLETS, ETC! You have the opportunity to suggest a normal human that's got traits/is a hybrid of an animal or just extra body parts! I'm not stopping you!

First of all, they can't have only one mind. I don't think the nervous system should be that advanced and it ruins the point of having two people in one.
Names: Must use a first and last name for each person.
Ages: Can be anywhere to a child's age (Probably 8) to mid 20s. I don't want too young and I don't want too old.
Conjoinment type: Put one of the types from this picture by the wonderful crackspid3r.  Simple Guide to Conjoinments by crackspid3r If you want to try something else, put custom and then put how they're conjoined. I've done one custom conjoinment before.
Height: I'd recommend not going under 5ft and over 6'6". I'd recommend the 5ft range for the girls and 5'10 to 6'6" for the males. If you use metres, convert it to feet please.
Weight: DON'T MAKE PEOPLE FAT. Make the weight related to their form. For example, my dithoracic parapagus twins are 165lbs because of the two upper bodies. My dichaphelic twins are 140 because of the extra breast and the extra arms. My custom twins are 170 because of their massive breasts and their extra leg, not to mention the two upper bodies coming off of one torso. Try to make it relative to their form! Please use American Pounds (lbs).
Breast size/build: Don't make the girl's chests EXTREMELY HUGE. I'd recommend A-G cup size unless you're having a massive breast fusion. If there are extra breasts, make sure that they're a bit smaller. With the male build, don't have extreme brawn, you don't want to have one of those guys that's a bodybuilding freak.
Extra: Put extra body parts, mental links, etc. like that. 
Info: Put a small backstory here, probably only one or two sentences is needed. I'll make it longer. You could put a magic show, a curse, the L.O.S.T. virus, an elixir, a potion, etc. If you do the L.O.S.T. virus, I'd recommend the conjoinment be pretty wonky. For more information on L.O.S.T, look here:…

Take a look at some of my other character bios for a better view of how to do it.

Holly & Rachel: <da:thumb id="599193954"/>

Kara & Sara: <da:thumb id="599775441"/>

Nate: <da:thumb id="600033685"/>

Emmalyn & Ashley: <da:thumb id="600104677"/>

There you go! There's the information on suggesting a character! You don't have to put everything, you only have to put the names, way they're conjoined, extra features, and a small backstory of how they were conjoined or if they were conjoined from birth. Have fun!

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March 31, 2016


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