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Exactly as the title implies, I'm letting you ask questions to any of my characters. I will let you ask questions to the following characters:
Ava (Greenfield-Zanes)
Hailee (Spiked Girl)
Izabel (CatCow)
Julia (Late girl)
Ask as many questions as you want.
Whoah, guys! This is quite the achievement!

As you might know, I've hit 100 watchers recently, which is a great milestone, but I'm also coming up on 30,000 pageviews! That's... wow... I didn't even think I'd hit 15k. As a result of these milestones, I'd like to offer you guys a part in a story.

Now, this isn't like, giving me access to your characters. Tried that once, was incredibly displeased with myself. I am letting you guys suggest an addition to a human body, whether it be arms, heads, legs, yadda yadda yadda. I'm kind of an extreme guy, but I won't let you suggest any extravagant numbers.

I'm hoping to see something interesting!
Hello, watchers.

In a few weeks, a few deviations will be deleted from my gallery. Why, you may ask? Down below is my answer.

Over the past few days, I've been really thinking about my work. I'm going to be dead honest here, I'm not liking what I've written in the past. My Eeveelution fusion involved characters that are too young to be writing about with the... extravagance of the transformations. Also with a few other things I've written, it just doesn't seem... fitting with my gallery. I just don't know what I was thinking.

I want to start over with all of that stuff. I'll be working harder on material, thinking through things more, and overall making better decisions in my work. I hope you understand.
Hey, if you have any ideas for LOST, note me some. I'll take them into consideration.
Hey, all. It's Grem here, and I want to tell you something that's just hit my mind, and I feel as if it should be addressed. It's talking about a possible deletion of deviations, and the future for DeviantArt.

I've had this DeviantArt account since January 28th of last year, making this account just shy of one year old. I didn't start posting until March of that year, and I only planned for it to upload a simple remake of something that I thought should A. be redone, and B. to be spread more. After that, my interest in conjoinment took off, and I got more and more support from each and every one of you, and I thank you for that.

But as I immersed myself in the world of conjoinment and LOST, I wasn't picking stuff up like I was supposed to. I was making very stupid ideas, useless anatomy studies (which were very poorly done), and files/literature that made no sense whatsoever. This is what I wanted to come address you guys on.

I'm thinking about deleting my anatomy studies and keeping them in my files for future reference. I am also thinking about archiving my star-shaped sextuplets, because, well... my star-shaped idea has actually been brought to a much better idea, and my idea was just plain dumb. I'm thinking about taking that down, along with the anatomy studies (No offense to Vocal or Jesoran), because... they're useless!

Now for another topic. Mysterious Woman. I originally thought of this as a one-parter, but I got requests for more and more fetishes. I then grew inspiration for it, and it continued for two more parts. I'm thinking of taking down the last part because of the original ideas for it.

Now for the future. I am definitely thinking about making things different for Ava, because I feel as if they are too young to be working with. I am also thinking of continuing Voodoo Doll, so look out for that!

Also, the mutated family thing? I'm not sure as to where to take that yet.

Thank you for reading this, if you have stuck through this entire thing, and if you have supported me throughout the last year. I gained nearly 70 watchers, 20,000 pageviews, and a whole lot of inspiration... ish.

Thank you once again.

Welp... our conjoinment is better now. We have combined forces to create a new account where all of our collaborations will go. This won't include any solo works, unless it includes each other's characters.

Go drop a watch. :iconembaura99:
Welp... the roleplay nyalready got the best of us, it seems. :iconunusualguy15: and I are nyalready conjoined catboys. Mew knyow what that means?

We have the power to turn mew into a catboy or catgirl, making mew want to conjoin with someone and continue the epidemic-nya. This can happen at random though, so be prepared-nya.

Otherwise... nya~ >:3

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Three people. This is what we were going for.

This time, we went outside looking for three girls that were well endowed. We mean D, E, or even F cup breasts. It took quite some searching, but we did find three going women that were well endowed. One had E-cups, one had D, and one with F. These differences wouldn't matter, as the suits would equal it out.

We asked the girls to stand in a triangle-like formation and clip both of the clips on their chests to the ones next to them. We then messed with the panel on one of the girls' arms and started the fusion.

The moans that ensues were probably ones like none had ever had. Each breast slowly molding into the one next to them was unlike any pleasure they experienced. The latex melted into the other suits and their breasts enlarged, just to make everything equal.

The final product was what we expected. Each of the girls' breasts were conjoined to the ones next to them, leaving none of them open. The girls tried to pull and push away from each other, but that was bonuses, as they collided with each other and let out noises of ecstasy.

We will give the bosom trio 24 hours before asking them about their fusion.
We went into the public and tried to find at least two people walking together. We made it so they we didn't include any couples, because if we do what we specialize in to a couple, their relationship would be devastated. We chose the big city to look in, and eventually, we found two girls, ages 17 and 18.

We told them that we were going to film a challenge to them, and they challenge was to see if they were able to stay clipped together at the hips, waist, and shoulders for twenty four hours, using full body latex suits we designed.

Now, these weren't any normal latex bodysuits with clips on them, but they were our innovative fusion mechanisms. Once the clips were put in and the touchpad was activated, we would bring two into one. To make our world more interesting.... and less crowded, that too.

We brought the girls in, who would like to remain anonymous. We gave them the suits and told them to put them on, but not before removing their casual attire. As expected, they fit perfectly over their body without a stretch at all. We then brought them back into the "recording studio" and sat them down. They them clipped the clips together at the hips, waist, and shoulders. We asked the girls to talk amongst each other and convinced them the panels were timers. Once we set our requirements for the fusion, we hit the activation button in the screen and backed away.

The fusion couldn't have gone any better. Instead of screaming and yelling, the girls couldn't speak from shock as the suits melted into each other, along with their bodies. Legs were lost, arms were rearranged, and heads were placed adjacent to one another. The final product of a two-headed, four-armed, and four-breasted girls was complete, with only two legs holding them up. There were now no clips on the body except for connecting clips on their chest (between their necks), their belly, and their pelvis, in between their hips.

The first trial was a success. We will keep them like this for twenty four hours before allowing them to decide whether they would stay or not.

Knowing that this was a success, we are.ready to start trial two.

Three subjects.

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So basically, I just thought of this idea of some sort of futuristic suit that can merge any amount of people together in any different way. Now, it's much more different than you imagine, so I thought I would start this up.

Now, the suit is made of black latex that covers the users' entire bodies up to their necks. It is a stretchy material, so it can be adjusted to their form easily. On the legs, hips, waist, chest, shoulders, back, buttocks, and the stomach, there are clips (basically the clips on shopping cart/trolley seatbelts and what you find on heavy coats). When those connect with each other, they designate where you're going to be merged. For example, if you have the clips on the hips, waists, and shoulders connected between two people, you will be fused into what would be a dicaphelic conjoinment.

On the left arm, there is a small touchpad. This either fuses or separates people or configures the conjoinment. Body parts, such as arms or legs, can be added, but ONLY the amount that both/each person collectively had. For example, if three people fused together, they can only have a maximum of six arms, legs, and breasts. A mental link is another option, which is based on intensity. As the intensity goes up, the more each person's mind blends with the others'. As you would expect, there are zippers in the back so you can get out which alter depending on which way you fuse.

Now you might be asking, "But if they take it off, won't they separate?" Well, this is the future, my friend. The technology allows you to take the suit off and still be conjoined to your mates. Only the panel can separate you, which means the suit must be on to separate.

These are the ways you can be fused depending on the clips (will put proper names in soon):
Queens/Ischiopagus (Hips)
Dithoracic Parapagus (hips, waist)
Dicephalus (hips, waist, neck)
Rachipagus (back)
Omphalopagus (stomach)
Thoracopagus (breasts to breasts if female) (chest)
Leg to leg (leg)
Pygopagus (butt)
Pregnancy: I never really found a liking for pregnancy and it's sort of like inflation. As I'm a guy, I find that to be disgusting.

Re/Unbirthing: Okay... you're literally going inside a woman's vagina. I do NOT think that is pleasing to the eye in my opinion and I want to just... stay away from it.

Vore: Now, I sort of get why this is a fetish. I think of it as cannibalism and it just makes me want to compare the "perpetrator" as a snake... ugh.

Whole body expansion: This seems like a bad way to suffer, in my opinion.

Living inanimate: I just find this odd, alright?

Diapers: Ugh... *shudders* That's all I can say.

That's all I know for now.
Hello! This is something where you get to suggest fetishes for the next part of my story, "Mysterious Woman," in which two girls named Jamie and Carrie undergo the "puhishments" that a mysterious woman, Amanda, brings upon them! So far I have done the following: Multibreast, breast expansion, butt expansion, conjoinment, multiple limbs, bondage, cowgirl, udder, lactation, limbless, amputation/detatchment, and facegina.

I will put results in the journal, as I do not have Core, which is what enables the poll action.


Hello, it's Nolaa08 or Grem. I have a few things to say about how to use my characters in your own work.

Now, first and foremost, you HAVE to credit me. I do not want anyone stealing my characters and not crediting me in the story/painting. This also lets me read the story and se how you did with writing/drawing my characters.

Second of all, the characters should talk like they normally would. With Julia, she/they only talk and move in unison, but the other two girls' minds are intact, so they can talk to each other through their minds. With Carrie and Jamie, they can only talk separately when they're talking to each other. Otherwise, they talk in unison. Characters that like to talk in unison include Sasha and Naomi and Cadelynn. Kayla and Alexa talk simultaneously, but when one person is talking, the other one speaks quietly and the accent is shared. Look for more in the files below.

LOST Characters:

LOST Files: Gwen and TinaNames: Gwen and Tina Cadbury
Ages: 17
Components: Two human females
Gwen and Tina had a close bond. Ever since they were born on that same day, they barely left each other. They had a strong love towards one another and they both embraced it kindly. They were fraternal, so it would give the appearance that they were just best friends that loved to have a good time.
One morning, Tina was taking a shower. Her sister, however, needed to do the sane thing as well, as they decided to do it the same morning. As Tina was taking longer to take her shower, Gwen was starting to grow impatient. She kept knocking on the door to get let in, but Tina said she was busy. She then started to open the door... locked. She then just resorted to leaning her back on the door, a bad mistake. She partially slumped.
The door opened and Gwen fell backwards into Tina, knocking her over. They quickly apologized to each other and got up... at least that's what Gwen wanted to do. She had no control or feeling in he
  LOST Files: Michael and Riley NicholasNames: Michael and Riley Nicholas
Ages: 33 and 4
Components: Two human males
Michael and Riley had the closest bond a father and son could have. Michael loved to have fun with Riley, as he was his only son to share the fun with. He played the games Riley liked, read his books with him, and even watched television with him. The mother of the house, Dani, really enjoyed seeing her husband and son's close bond in action. That bond was about to become closer.
Michael fell down the stairs one day and bruised his back, which prevented Riley from having the chance to recieve a piggy-back ride from his father. Several days passed and he was still sore. Riley came up to him and asked for a piggy back ride. Michael politely replied no. Riley repetitively asked him to give him a piggy-back ride to the point that he forcefully climbed up his father's back! He put his legs around his father's chest and put his arms on his shoulders. Michael warned Riley to get down on the count of three, or else he
 <da:thumb id="614424349"/> <da:thumb id="614423947"/>  LOST Files: Jeremy and CarolineNames: Jeremy Monroe and Caroline Parlor
Ages: 18, 17
Components: One human male, one human female
Lovers. Lovers were always around. Now that LOST had made its grand entrance, it made some interesting couples, and these two are no exception. They had gone on a date one night and were at a nice restaurant, one of Caroline's choosing. They talked as they ate, they shared good memories, and they had a good time the entire time. AFter Jeremy paid the bill, they went outside to his car, as he had to drive Caroline home. Before they did, they slowly hugged each other and were about to kiss when...
Jeremy lost his balance. He flailed his arms in a frantic to try to get up. Alas, it was to no avail as he fell over. But what was odd was the ffact that Caroline had fell as well, and right on top of him. Jeremy looked over and saw their legs. Their legs had fused into one, their feet drastically changed as well. He looked at their waist and he noticed that they were fusing rapidly from the waist
  An Average Morning in the Greenfield-Zanes' HouseIt has been 7 years since the Greenfields and the Zanes were infected. Annabelle and Eva are now 14 years old and were sleeping in their room. Natalie and Christina were cooking breakfast and Bradley and David were reading the morning paper.
Thankfully, the "sisters" were in the same grade, so they were able to learn at the same pace, unlike others in their class, who had high schoolers, college students, and even adults in their eighth grade class. They proved to be good students and frequently worked together on their homework. Natalie and Christina were both stay-at-home mothers, so they got the task of watching over Ava (Annabelle and Eva's collective name) as they did their activities. They also cooked for the family, which with four arms, proved to be very... handy... what, too soon?... Ah, never mind. Bradley and David were now working the same job and were both working as engineers.
Eva was the first to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and yawned, inflating their shared set
  LOST Files: Jennifer and Jeffrey's Farm AnimalsNames: Jeffrey and Jennifer Morris
Ages: 15
Components: One human male, one human female
Names: Not specified
Ages: Not specified
Components: One female pig, one female cow, one female alpaca, one male horse
It's been about two months since Jennifer and Jeffrey Morris were conjoined.
Yes, you heard that right, LOST got into these 15-year-old twins, causing them to fuse into dithoracic twins, meaning that they had their bodies all to theirselves except for a shared waist and three legs. Their parents made asjustments to their farming work, such as different jobs for each twin that revolve around the same animal. They worked on the farm along with their parents, although they volunteered to do more than them, as they were getting older and weaker. Life was pretty much normal after that...
Until one day, while their parents were still sleeping, the twins heard the mooing of the cows, neighs of the horses, the baas of the sheep, the brays of the donkey, the clucks of the chicken
  LOST Files: Cadelynn DonovanNames: Carly, Jade, and Lynn Donovan
Ages: 15
Components: 3 human females
They had already defied the odds once. Carly, Jade, and Lynn were triplets, all born in a span of 5 minutes. The girls kept a close bond and never left each other, which soon got to the point that their mother couldn't separate them with at least one or two following. When they got to high school, however, they started to drift away from each other, finding new friends and even boyfriends. Before it was talking, now it was socializing. Before it was playing together, now it was texting alone. Before it was family time, now... it was seclusion.
The girls sat down in the school cafeteria to apologize and talk to each other about how they could make up for what they had done. They had also noticed that the food that they were eating had an interesting taste. It wasn't good, but it wasn't foul. They shrugged it off and talked and ate.
After they ate, they stood up and hugged each other, glad to be together again. The
  LOST Files: The Greenfield-Zane Family/FamiliesNames: Brady, Natalie, and Eva Greenfield; David, Christina, and Annabelle Zane
Ages: 33 (Natalie); 34 (Brady, Christina); 35 (David); 7 (Eva and Annabelle)
Components: 2 human males, 4 human females (2 human males; 2 human females; 2 human females)
Of course when your daughter is having a friend over, you know they're going to be excited. Brady and Natalie Greenfield have been happily married for nine years. The marriage "resulted" in them having a daughter, who's name was Eva. They were overjoyed back then and even now, they think of Eva as a blessing. The friend that was coming over was seven-year-old Annabelle Zane. Her parents, David and Christina have been married for eight years and had Annabelle a year after that. The two girls had grown to have been the best of friends since then and today was their first playdate.
Once they got there, Annabelle ran over to Eva and hugged her. Her parents walked in as well. They talked with Eva's parents after a while. Brady offered them a gla
  LOST Files: Sasha and NaomiNames: Sasha Parker and Naomi Yakimoto
Ages: 19 and 20
Components: Two female humans
Parties were always fun. Especially when they were in college, then you knew they would be fun. Sasha and Naomi both knew that the party would be fun, but they did not know each other. They were about as excited to meet new people as they were to go to the party.
Sasha was an average 19-year-old American girl. Loved to be on her phone, loved big events, just add quite a bit of stereotypes with some added effects to them. She was getting more giddy and excited by the day for this event. However, Naomi wasn't one for these events. She lived in Japan for about 15 years when a call for her father's job was accepted. As a result, she was forced to move to the United States. She attended extra English classes before she got into her new school and she still takes some today. She's known for being a shy girl and she was going just so she.could get the chance to break out of her comfort zone.
The day had come
  LOST Files: Aubrey Sheffler and Her ClassNames: Aubrey Sheffler and her junior class.
Ages: 43 (Aubrey), 15-16 (Students)
Components: 18 human beings (One adult female, 10 male teenagers, 7 female teens)
Aubrey Sheffler, or Mrs. Sheffler as everyone called her, was a high school teacher for a junior class comprised of 17 students, which is expected, as she comes from a small city with a small school. She had previously brought attention to the growing LOST virus. She told the students to take extreme precaution and if they saw anyone with the virus, they would have to stay away. One of the students accidentally got close without knowing. He had contacted the virus.
As Aubrey was the science teacher, she had students get in on a hands-on activity requiring all of the students to collaborate on the project. When Aubrey brushed against the student on accident, she triggered the virus. The student got pulled into Aubrey and his face appeared on the right side of her face. Then, tendrils of skin flew from Aubrey, pullin
  LOST Files: Kayla and Alexa Sterling-WilliamsNames: Kayla Sterling & Alexa Williams
Ages: 16, 15
Components: Two human girls (one British and one American).
Kayla Sterling and Alexa Williams were normal girls who knew nothing about the quickly spreading LOST virus. The two girls were playing at Kayla's house. It was a sunny day, so they decided to go out to the pool behind her house. Once they got in their swimwear, they went into the pool and jumped in, not knowing that the water had traces of the virus in it.
Suddenly, a current pulled them under and right into each other. They started fusing into each other as soon as they collided. They bobbed up and down, screaming for help. Soon, their screams for help were completely synchronized. The two felt each other's within their own bodies and once they felt the fusion was over, the pain and screams stopped and were replaced with heavy breathing in unison. Kayla climbed up onto the surface, but Alexa felt herself getting pulled up along with Kayla. Once she was up, she looked at the
  LOST Files: Sandy CarterName: Sandy Carter
Age: 26
Components: Eight giraffes, unknown amount of flowers, one human female
Sandy Carter, ironically, is a scientist for this kind of thing. She's gone around many different countries, travelling the world to find instances of the virus. She's been to the jungles of South America, the Sahara of Africa, the Himalayas of Asia, and even the frozen wastelands of northern Russia. On a trip to the savanna, she noticed that there were a large lack of animals as a result from a major incident earlier (see Savanna Chimera:
She took extreme precaution around animals that had LOST, carefully studying their forms of the virus, before moving on to another animal. Well, today was her lucky day, as she had found a large herd of giraffes. She took her empty syringe and brought it closer to one of the towering animals. Once the needle made contact, tge guraffe started kicking and thrashing its legs, one of his hind legs rearing right into Sandy's face. She
  L.O.S.T.: Savanna Chimera
The local college’s biology class was assigned on a trip to somewhere over the seas to see some foreign and possibly exotic wildlife. Everyone chose the African savanna. A few months later, they were off to Africa. Once they got to the savanna, they got to studying. A group of four students is the group we’re going to be focusing on. Those people are Emily Hill, James Turner, Morgan Sanders and Kaylee Marshall. Emily was a kind girl in her sophomore year of college. She was tall, 5’10”, weighed a mere 135lbs, and had perky C-cup breasts. James was the lone guy in the group. He looked tough, with a muscular build and a height of 6’2”, but he was cooperative and nice. Morgan was the second girl. She was the one to get right down to things. She was only 5’8”, but she had D-cup breasts and a weight of 135lbs like Emily. The third girl was Kaylee. She was the one most interested in the trip and wanted to get right to studying. She was another


<da:thumb id="599193954"/> <da:thumb id="600033685"/> <da:thumb id="599775441"/>  Who's the Cow Now? (Cow-Taur TF/TG)It was high school, okay? Everyone was attracted to someone, all of the boys wanted a girlfriend, it was all just a repeated cycle throughout the age group. For one junior, it wasn't the case for him.
Jack was the most sexual guy you could imagine. He did look semi-attractive, but he was really sexual. He would try to flirt with all of the girls, try to sweet-talk them, and even go as far as smacking their asses, trying to grope their breasts, or trying to sweet-talk too far and ask for sex as soon as possible. If who he thought was the hottest girl said no, he'd always call them a fat cow and a dumbass because they didn't like him.
One day, the girls had enough of this overly sexual behavior. They decided to taunt him. When he sat down at a table by himself, the girls all sat next to him. Jack thought that he would strike gold today.
"Hey, ladies," he started. "How's your day been doin'?" He smirked and leaned on his hand.
One of the girls, Sandra, faked a giggle and said, "Oh, just f
  Fusion RhymeLaurie, James, Ken, and Samantha were sitting in the living room of James and Ken's house. Laurie and Samantha, friends of the two boys, had decided to come over to have a little bit of fun with them and so far, the only thing they had done so far is 4-player Party Tetris on an old Nintendo Wii. James proved to be good at the game while the others struggled to catch up. He was in full concentration mode until his mother yelled for him.
James grunted and turned his head in the general direction of the call. "Yes?"
"Would you mind taking this large box of your old clothes down into the basement for me?" she strained to ask as she came in the room with a large box that proved to have a good amount of weight on it. As she set it down, it made a loud thud and she let out a tired exhale. "Your father isn't home and you're the only one capable of lifting it."
The boy sighed and paused the game. "I will," he said as he lifted the box with some effort.
"Thank you, honey." She walked b
 <da:thumb id="618591581"/>  Goddesses of Eeveelutions (Eeveelution Fusion/TF)You know what the typical teenage girl likes? Slumber parties. That’s what Emily decided to throw as a celebration of the end of the school year, plus their eighth grade graduation. She invited her friends Cheryl, Theresa, Olivia, Noelle, Iris, Grace, and Kylie over for a little “girls’ night.” As expected, they all showed up, still not feeling old enough for these kinds of events. All of the girls were fourteen years old and were well known around the school. They all had nice figures, being in the mid five-foot area and having A to C-cup sized breasts. They were your typical teenage girls who just wanted to have fun.
Late at night, they were all on their phones and the only light in the room was coming from such that. The lights flickered as they scrolled through different Instagram posts, iFunny pictures, and different tweets from the various people they liked. Although soon, another glow shone, except it was red. It came from Emily’s drawer and shone t
  I'm Late!"I'm late! I'm late! I'M LATE!" Julia was in a panic as she ran across the sidewalk. She worked at a clothing store and her shift had already started. She dodged pedestrians and stands as she bolted in the direction of her store. Julia was a nice girl. She normally had a positive attitude and was calm and sweet. On days like this, her attitude was an exception. She was quick and riled up. She loved her job and she didn't want to lower her chances of being fired. She didn't own a car and she didn't have time to catch her normal bus, so she had no choice but to run.
As she ran, she avoided people as much as she could. As she nearly missed one, she turned back and yelled "Sorry!" before she collided with someone. Instead of falling down on top of her, the woman she ran into started fusing with her. She slowly fused with Julia as she kept running. A third leg formed, another set of arms formed under Julia's current pair, a third breast formed, and the woman's head formed to the left of Jul
  Mysterious Woman (Fetish Story)Jamie and Carrie were adventurous college students and at this point, vacation had set in. The girls had known each other since middle school and they had proven to be quite the enthisiastic and adventurous type. They stuck through high school and through their years until now, their sophomore year. These two decided to go deep into a forest to see what's inside.
One day, they did just that. They brought water, a bit of food, and flashlights in case they were out until nighttime set in. The women were pretty far in the forest and they hadn't found anything. They sat down and ate their first meal. A little chipmunk scurried by and looked up at them. He stared for a bit until he ran away.
"First noteworthy thing we've seen all day," Carry remarked before taking a bite out of her sandwich. Something tingled her hand and she swore it was a raindrop, but there wasn't anything there.
"Yeah, it'd be neat if we saw something abandoned," Jamie mumbled, her mouth full of food.
Carrie felt anothe
  Mysterious Woman (AFTERMATH)Jamie and Carrie ran through the forest and the pouring rain, trying to get back to their home. Their bare feet splashed through the puddles of mud, their shared body got soaked with the rain, and their hair tangled together as it flew about behind them. Right now, they didn't care about the fact that they were conjoined in such an absurd way, they just wanted to get back. They started to breathe heavily to grasp for air, so they slowed down and sat down on a fallen tree the best they could with their four legs aligned the way they were.
"How on earth... did she do... this to us?" Jamie said with deep breaths in between. "More of a matter... how are we so coordinated?"
"I wish I knew," Carrie replied. "We talked the same... we moved the same... it was really odd."
"Unless she messed with our minds, I'm not sure. I can't feel a connection between us." A lightning bolt struck nearby, scaring the girls. They both jumped and yelped. "There's another example," Jamie continued.
"With this li
  Mysterious Woman PT 2WARNING: This story contains bondage, conjoinment, multibreast, breast expansion, butt expansion, lactation, cowgirl TF, and udders. If none of these are pleasing to you, please don't read this story.
It has been four months since Jamie and Carrie were fused and they were already impatiently on their way to the abandoned garage, except clothed this time. They had been fused for four months and had gotten tired of their conjoined form. They had to admit, they liked it a little bit, but they kept their thoughts to themselves and acted like they hated it, which they kind of did. They set off one rainy day and this time, they had customixzed clothes on. Everything from their shirt, to their pants, and even to their bra was customized specifically for their form. After half an hour of constant running, they saw the faint outline of the structure.
"There it is!" they both exclaimed as they ran. They sped up so they could reach the garage faster. They just wanted to get the
  Voodoo Doll (Part 1)Vincent was a nice teenage boy. He wasn't in the gangs or groups like all of the other teens were, he preferred to be set back with his few other friends. He never really spoke out to others, set aside his friends and girlfriend. His girlfriend was a 16-year-old young lady named Angela. Angela was a popular girl, and a few girls thought it was a silly decision to fall in love with a back-of-class kind of guy like Vince. At this point, it had been a year since they had first started dating and their relationship was going along smoothly.
Vince lay on his living room couch as he texted his lover.
"What's going on over there?" Angela texted.
Vince typed out, "Oh, nothing. Just talking to you." He smiled at the text.
"Aww, do you want to see me later tonight?"
"Sure! We could have a little night out, if you want."
Angela quickly replied, "OMG yes! Thank you babe!"
"Anything for you, dear." He smiled and chuckled a bit. After that, a knock at the door was heard. He glanced over at the door
  Voodoo Doll (Part 2)Angela was in the shower, getting ready to meet up with Vince, her boyfriend. She smiled at the thought of being able to see his handsome face again. She tried to make herself as neat as possible for the occasion, as she needed to put on her best appearance. She finished her shower and grabbed the towels she set out. She wrapped one around her slim figure and waited until after brushing her shoulder-length hair to walk to her bedroom. She dropped the towels in her laundry hamper and looked through her drawers for clothing. As she looked through her dresser, a large chill struck through her body, not like any one she had ever heard of. It startled her and made her jump and shiver. She wondered what that was, but not for long. She continued searching for her clothes until an odd feeling was felt on her sides, just below her arms.
She groaned in pain and rubbed the areas, but she was surprised to find two lumps there. Her eyes widened and her arms flew away. She questioned the lumps befor

If you're planning on doing a certain character, make sure to read EVERYTHING with those characters to get a good feel.


Hello, everyone, your old pal Grem here.

I just wanted to give you all a few updates on what is to come in the future, which involves stuff with LOST, other fusions, and other things.

First of all, LOST. I am still active in the LOST community and am planning on making more files for the disease, but unfortunately, I don't have any ideas for fusions, what they're fused with, and a lot of other details that I need. These files take quite a bit of thinking, and when you've done so many, you just run out of different circumstances for the content. It gets a little bit frustrating, but I promise, I'll have some more of those coming out. Just give me a while.

The next part of this update contains updates on stories and other conjoinment ideas. First of all, Jamie, Carrie, and Amanda. I am planning on making more content for these three involving a few more fetishes. If you guys want to suggest a few more, I have a journal out where you can suggest fetishes to add to the next story. Already got a few (POLL: Mysterious Woman PT. 3). I'm also planning on bringing Julia (I'm Late!) back, and more stuff with the Greenfield-Zanes family (An Average Morning in the Greenfield-Zanes' House) and a bunch of others will come soon. I'm also planning on doing something with Eeveelutions...

I also plan on putting out another roleplay if you guys want to do one. Just tell me.

Thanks for reading this update, and I hope you guys like what I'm going to put out.
Yes, Amanda is coming back, and so is Jamie and Carrie. I'm planning on adding more fetishes to the mix, but I need your help.

I've done amputation, multibreast, breast expansion, multilimb, limbless, bondage, lactation, cowgirl TF, udders, butt expansion and conjoinment. I want you guys to suggest fetishes that I could do. I will periodically update this journal with the results.

By the way, I AM planning to do, tickling and decapitation.

Tentacles: 1
Lip expansion: 1
Centaur: 1

Hello, everyone. I have announced that I will NOT be taking commissions. BUT...

I do take writing requests. I will do anything in regards to conjoinment, fusion, LOST, anything like that. I will also do TF, but that might be on a different account.

I will mainly do LOST Files and stories.

I will not do sex scenes or anything with enlarged genitalia.


Tell me what you request of me to do in a comment.
Saw this from :icondayaman: and thought I'd give it a try.

Comment below and I'll tell you what my three favorite deviations of yours are on this journal. However if you do comment you must also tell me what three deviations of mine are your favorites and then repost this journal as well as your three favorite deviations of mine.

1. :icondayaman:  The Sum of Its FriendsIt was after school. Three good female friends were sitting down on a bench in the quad, wondering which one will go to next week's prom with Ross Jones, the most popular and hottest boy in school. He stood at 6'2" and had previously dated these three girls at different times.
"Who is he going to pick?" one of the girls, a blonde named Carolyn McClellan, asked, standing up. She was 5'6".
"I don't know," another girl, a brunette named Deborah Carlisle, answered, also standing up. She was 5'0".
"This debate has gone on for so long, ladies," the third girl, a redhead named Mary Cocklyn, said, standing up as well. She was 5'3".
Suddenly, a leggy girl covered in black sneaked up from behind the three friends and shouted, "Boo!"
But they just turned around and said "Hi, Julia" to their jokester classmate.
"I believe I have the answer to your dilemma!" Julia said. "Follow me!"
Carolyn, Deborah, and Mary always considered their sort-of friend Julia a strange girl ever since all four of them we
  Growing a Head"Honey, I'm home," a young red-haired woman by the name of Vicky said to her brown-haired husband Earl as she walked into their house.
"How was the doctor?" Earl asked.
"He said that I was barren," Vicky sadly said.
Earl ran to Vicky and rubbed her belly. "I am so sorry. Look, we can just adopt a child."
"I know, dear. Still, it would've been nice to have one that has both of our genetics." She grabbed a newspaper to cheer herself up. "Oh, my God. Earl, look at this!"
Earl read the article with Vicky. Apparently a laboratory put in an advertisement. "Barren Woman Required for Experiment," he read. "Scientists are testing out a way to make woman who cannot give birth fertile."
"It's perfect!" Vicky said.
"I don't know, Vicky. It seems dangerous."
"Please, Earl? I really want to conceive a child."
"Okay, dear. Anything for you."
"Oh, thank you so much!" Vicky hugged and kissed Earl.
The next day, Vicky visited the lab. She asked the lady at the counter, "Excuse me, miss. I would love
  Inseparable FriendsMost of my life has mostly, for lack of a better word, sucked. I was born to unmarried parents who conceived me at a one-night stand, I was put in an orphanage where other kids poked fun at me, I was adopted by a couple who only did so just to look good to the other neighbors (they couldn't care less about me), and I kept getting hit on by hideous, 50-year-old pedophiles even at the young age of 5. There was pretty much no one in my life.
Except Daniel Tran. Even though we are exactly the same age (we were born on the exact same day in the exact same year), he treated me like a little sister. Our houses were next to each other, and he would offer to bring me to his house whenever my sorry excuses for foster parents started being rude to each other. And I don't mean "typical husband-and-wife" rude that you see in sitcoms, I mean "why the hell did they even get married in the first place?" rude.
At his house, Daniel and I would do things together, such as playing video games, watching te
Hello, everyone! You may know me from my character anatomies and bios! You may also know me from the stories I've written, including the one I am currently writing, "Living Deviations." I am now hosting interviews/Q&As for my characters!

You may ask them any question you'd like and as many as you'd like! I wil be sure to mention you in the journal for each character's answers. Here are the list of characters.

Holly & Rachel: <da:thumb id="599193954"/> A Magical BirthdayRachel and Holly were the best of friends. They shared so much in common, such as their love of books, makeup, their games, even their birthday. They were born on July 15th in the same year. That day was coming and they had plans. They would have a party, albeit a small one, at Holly’s apartment. They were only 16, so they couldn’t drink and all that, but they vowed to have a good time nonetheless.
A little background first. They were both born on July 15th, 2000. Holly was born to a neuroscientist and a stay-at-home mom. Rachel was born to a biologist and a surgeon. That surgeon was famous for managing to separate dithoracic parapagus conjoined twins. She was dubbed famous in the local area. Rachel matured into a nice girl with a 5’6” height and a decent build, along with perky B-cup breasts. Holly, on the other hand, was a bit taller, 5’7”, with C-cup breasts at the same age. Rachel always was jealous of her.
The day of celebration came. Holly woke
<da:thumb id="600258284"/>

Kara & Sara: <da:thumb id="599775441"/><da:thumb id="600234114"/> Kara and Sara Gift by TheLovelyVocal (Lovely picture by :iconthelovelyvocal:

Nate: <da:thumb id="600033685"/>

Emmalyn & Ashley: <da:thumb id="600104677"/><da:thumb id="600181373"/>

Starfish Sextuplets (Mark, Laura, Dennis, Lily, Leslie, Sally):  Character Bio: Starfish SextupletsNames: Sally, Lily & Leslie, Dennis, Laura, Martin
Ages: 14; 16 each; 17; 18; 18
Conjoinment: Custom
Height: 2’6” (CONJOINED); 5’6” (Sally); 5’8” each (L&L); 5’10” (Laura); 5’11” (Dennis); 6’2” (Martin)
Diameter: 8ft (AVERAGE)
Weight: 350lbs (CONJOINED); 105lbs (Sally); 110lbs (L&L); 130lbs (Laura); 160 (Martin); 210lbs (Dennis)
Breast Size: A-cups (Sally); D-cups (L&L, three. Before L.O.S.T.: C-cups); C-cups (Laura)
Build: Overweight (Dennis); Slim, not much muscle (Martin)
Hair: Red, medium length, straight (Sally); Short, blonde (L&L); Long, brunette, wavy (Laura)
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual (Sally, Dennis, Laura, Martin); Bisexual (L&L)
Stage 6 Infection
Info: All of the people mentioned here are high school students, Sally being a freshman, Lily and Leslie being sophomores, Dennis being a junior and Laura and Martin being seniors. They were all on a trip to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Sally
<da:thumb id="600610450"/><da:thumb id="600904603"/> (Lovely picture by :iconshiriterature:)

L.O.S.T. Hydra (NEW CHARACTERS!): <da:thumb id="600834740"/>

Jackie:  Who's the Cow Now? (Cow-Taur TF/TG)It was high school, okay? Everyone was attracted to someone, all of the boys wanted a girlfriend, it was all just a repeated cycle throughout the age group. For one junior, it wasn't the case for him.
Jack was the most sexual guy you could imagine. He did look semi-attractive, but he was really sexual. He would try to flirt with all of the girls, try to sweet-talk them, and even go as far as smacking their asses, trying to grope their breasts, or trying to sweet-talk too far and ask for sex as soon as possible. If who he thought was the hottest girl said no, he'd always call them a fat cow and a dumbass because they didn't like him.
One day, the girls had enough of this overly sexual behavior. They decided to taunt him. When he sat down at a table by himself, the girls all sat next to him. Jack thought that he would strike gold today.
"Hey, ladies," he started. "How's your day been doin'?" He smirked and leaned on his hand.
One of the girls, Sandra, faked a giggle and said, "Oh, just f
Who's the Cow Now? (AFTERMATH)Jackie moaned, or in this case mooed as the process went on. She had never felt this kind of pressure before, nor had she felt the feeling of female nipples being squeezed. The feeling of warm milk being forcefully squeezed out made her moo with efery tug of the sensitive spot. She was only getting three out of twelve done right now. Cassandra, Alex, and Sandra were assisting. They had volunteered to be temporary cow girls to try to make Jackie a bit happy.
"Can you stop mooing?" Alex asked, continuing to milk the cowtaur. "It's starting to get annoying."
"MoooooI can't help it," Jackie moaned. "It's too mmmoooooouuch for me to handle."
"Well, you'll have to deal with this every week," Sandra said, looking up at the exhausted girl. "If you don't go through this, you'll have a lot of pain to go through, and grab a ton of attention."
"But I already aaaaammmmmmoooooo," Jackie struggled to say as Cassandra gave a long tug, causing a stream of milk to fly into the bucket below. "These are m

Savanna Chimera (Emily, James, Morgan, Kaylee): <da:thumb id="604719500"/> L.O.S.T.: Savanna Chimera
The local college’s biology class was assigned on a trip to somewhere over the seas to see some foreign and possibly exotic wildlife. Everyone chose the African savanna. A few months later, they were off to Africa. Once they got to the savanna, they got to studying. A group of four students is the group we’re going to be focusing on. Those people are Emily Hill, James Turner, Morgan Sanders and Kaylee Marshall. Emily was a kind girl in her sophomore year of college. She was tall, 5’10”, weighed a mere 135lbs, and had perky C-cup breasts. James was the lone guy in the group. He looked tough, with a muscular build and a height of 6’2”, but he was cooperative and nice. Morgan was the second girl. She was the one to get right down to things. She was only 5’8”, but she had D-cup breasts and a weight of 135lbs like Emily. The third girl was Kaylee. She was the one most interested in the trip and wanted to get right to studying. She was another
 (Character belongs to me and the artist, :iconjesoran:)

FontPeter's Jane, Luisa, and Ana (I named the top girl):  I've Got Four Legs Now (REMAKE)This is a remake of a story that a deactivated user, FontPeter, made nearly five years ago. His account was deactivated and I found his "I've got four legs now" deviation and it's marvelous. I would like to rewrite the story to make it easier to read and so that he can have some credit.
It’s been three months since I’ve gained four legs. What, you find that weird? Okay, I will tell you what happened.
It was a beautiful Sunday and I had managed to get a ticket for a magic show. Not just any magic show, but that of the world’s greatest magician, Carlos José dos Santos. It was just spectacular, what this man was able to do. But in mind, I know that all of this must be done by hidden mechanics, mirrors, black boxes, and a lot of other kinds of hardware that everyone can build and use in the same way. I had just starte

Mature Content

I've got four legs now by FontPeter
 (Lovely photomanip by FontPeter)

You may ask the individual people questions, you may ask the entirety of their conjoined selves questions, ask whatever you want (For example, only asking Kaylee a question or asking all of them a question). Have fun! ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU WANT!

So this is like an eight headed spider type of conjoinment. Basically, there are four heads at each edge of the body. There are four arms at each side, one for each person on that side. There are no legs, but there are genitals and an anus in the middle of the body. Thoughts?
Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for one THOUSAND pageviews! This has all come so fast and I'd like to let you guys suggest some ideas to me!

I'm thinking about making a new abstractly conjoined set of twins, triplets, etc. (mainly triplets or above)! If you guys want to give me some ideas, feel free to do so!

Also, I'm taking requests, please feel free to request something!