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It was high school, okay? Everyone was attracted to someone, all of the boys wanted a girlfriend, it was all just a repeated cycle throughout the age group. For one junior, it wasn't the case for him.

Jack was the most sexual guy you could imagine. He did look semi-attractive, but he was really sexual. He would try to flirt with all of the girls, try to sweet-talk them, and even go as far as smacking their asses, trying to grope their breasts, or trying to sweet-talk too far and ask for sex as soon as possible. If who he thought was the hottest girl said no, he'd always call them a fat cow and a dumbass because they didn't like him.

One day, the girls had enough of this overly sexual behavior. They decided to taunt him. When he sat down at a table by himself, the girls all sat next to him. Jack thought that he would strike gold today.

"Hey, ladies," he started. "How's your day been doin'?" He smirked and leaned on his hand.

One of the girls, Sandra, faked a giggle and said, "Oh, just fine, yours?"

He smiled and said, "It just got ten times better since you sexy ladies decided to sit by me." He chuckled. He shot quick glances at the girls' racks, which ranged from B to D cups in size. "You all have nice pairs, I bet you'd like to see my pair down there." He pointed to his pelvic area.

Sandra whispered to another girl, "He's so bad at flirting." She turned to him. "Hey, I think there's another girl trying to call you over at the other table." She motioned over to another table with a girl who was a part of the whole act.

"Oh, really?" Jack was gullible enough to turn over to the girl and start talking to her.

"Yes, we got him!" Sandra whispered. "Pour the powder into his carton!" Another girl, Alex, brought out a little tube of fine white powder and poured it into his milk carton, dissolving on contact.

Once Jack and the girl were done talking, he rubbed back to Sandra, Alex, and the other girls. "Anyways..." he took a sip of his milk, whiling wouldn't change him until he finished. "Why did you sit by me?"

Alex, faking a seductive tone, said, "Oh, we were looking for a table and noticed a little hottie sitting here all alone. Why would we leave someone like you behind?"

After a while of convincing talk, Jack finished his milk carton. He then started to feel a little odd. Everyone left the cafeteria but him and the girls when dismissal came.

"Ugh, I don't feel so good..." he groaned, starting to feel his stomach lurch, along with his groin starting to hurt.

The girls all giggles and smirked. Alex said, "That was all part of the plan, Jackie."

"Jackie? Why did you call me Jackie?" he asked.

"We decided to solve this flirting problem of yours with a little solution that we made." Right as Sandra said that, Jack felt his gender invert. His waist started to flare out and two small mounds started to grow on his chest.

"What's happening to me?!" he practically screamed.

"Making you a girl. You said you adore girls, right?" Sandra teasingly asked. His breasts reached a D-cup and his hair started to lengthen down to the center of his back. His face got more female and he lost all of his body hair. His arms and legs got daintier before his change into a girl was complete.

"What did you girls do to me?!" she yelled in her. new voice. A pain in her butt stopped her.

"Don't talk yet," Alex said. Her rear end pushed back and two stubs grew out of the back of it. Her legs started to grow white fur with black spots and his feet started round out and harden into hooves. Jackie groaned as the fur spread along her now naked lower body. The stumps formed into two hind legs of a cow, hooves and all. The fur spread up her torso and onto her face. Her ears lengthened and two horns grew out of the top of her head. A cow tail grew out of the back of her lower body.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?!" Jackie yelled in rage.

"Shhh," Sandra shushed him. "The best part is coming. You know how you said you were a huuuge boob person?"

"Y-yes!" She felt her existing breasts start to grow, causing her to strain. Her shirt was starting to reveal her stomach before it ripped and fell right off of her. She squealed and covered her breasts, but not before she moaned as four spots started to form underneath her existing breasts. Her moans started to resemble moos as her four new breasts started to grow in to match the size of her original pair. After they were done growing, there was a sextet of HH-cup breasts in front of her. Then, she moaned again as six new spots formed on her underbelly, quickly growing and filling with milk. As the cow body was a foot above the ground, they were touching the floor after a while and even going as far as the breasts growing so big, they were pushing on the floor, sending arousal and pleasure to the transforming girl. At the same time, a large mound of pink flesh grew behind those breasts near her genitals. Four nubs started to grow out into teats as the mass became an udder, filling quickly, as were her top breasts. Jack, the flirtatious boy, was now Jackie, a naked, twelve-breasted cow-taur.

"Nngh, moooowhy did you do this to meeeooooo..." Jackie moaned, feeling intense pressure from her milk-filled assets rubbing against each other and the tiled floor.

"This taught you a lesson about being as sexual as you are," Sandra said, glaring at Jackie. "You are now a twelve-breasted milk-producing cow-taur. I don't think you'll be flirting for a while. Plus, you call every girl you 'break up with' a cow, so why not make it more fitting of you are the cow?"

"Nngh, but howwww will I be able to mmmooooaaanage this?" Jackie complained, starting to get annoyed by the moaning being mixed in with her speech. He also felt her breasts and udder leaking fresh, warm, cow milk. She planted her face right into her cleavage in disappointment, causing a bit of milk to fly out.

"You have to deal with it," another girl, Cassandra, said with a smirk.

"C-can you please help meeeooooo? I promise not to be flirtatious anymooooooo..." She couldn't help but moan as she attempted to walk whilst dragging six huge breasts behind her, not to mention that her top breasts were rubbing against each other. She attempted to sit down like a quadruped, but the force from her udder and breasts made her moan again. "Mmmmooooopleeeease?" She started to cry.

Alex sighed and said, "Yes, but can we milk you so you can actually walk and not moan and lactate while you do?"

"Yes please," Jackie struggled to say. This was not going to be an easy life to live... at least she has people to help her.
The most abstract TFTG story I have ever made.


EDIT: Strict Mature Content turned off, changed a grammar error. Added and fixed other sentences.

EDIT #2: Fixed grammar errors, added things.

EDIT #3: Added more text to some parts. So sorry for these edits.
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