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Jackie moaned, or in this case mooed as the process went on. She had never felt this kind of pressure before, nor had she felt the feeling of female nipples being squeezed. The feeling of warm milk being forcefully squeezed out made her moo with efery tug of the sensitive spot. She was only getting three out of twelve done right now. Cassandra, Alex, and Sandra were assisting. They had volunteered to be temporary cow girls to try to make Jackie a bit happy.

"Can you stop mooing?" Alex asked, continuing to milk the cowtaur. "It's starting to get annoying."

"MoooooI can't help it," Jackie moaned. "It's too mmmoooooouuch for me to handle."

"Well, you'll have to deal with this every week," Sandra said, looking up at the exhausted girl. "If you don't go through this, you'll have a lot of pain to go through, and grab a ton of attention."

"But I already aaaaammmmmmoooooo," Jackie struggled to say as Cassandra gave a long tug, causing a stream of milk to fly into the bucket below. "These are mmmmmooooyyyy top six, the bottom ones are going to feel really weird..." Jackie couldn't help but realize how horrible and how good it felt to be milked. All of the milk draining from her breasts and into the buckets made her feel nice, although she had HH-cup breasts to continue to deal with afterwards. As they moved onto the bottom sextet, it really did feel weird, as she had predicted. She fought back moos and moans as they squeezed and tugged at the main pressure points in her body. Each breast brought new sensations to her body. The fresh, warm milk, combined with the squeezing, tugging, and even sometimes groping on her breasts brought unfamiliar pressure, bringing along pleasure which caused her to moo and moan. After they were done with the bottom breasts, clearly still at least two or three times larger than her top six, they moved onto the udder. The girls' cold hands made the cow girl shudder, making drops of milk fly away from her teats. The milking began. This time, there was less pleasure and orgasmic moos. This was... enjoyable! She smiled greatly at the feeling of her udder being milked. All of the milk being brought out happiness. Once they were all done, Jackie was left with HH-cup top breasts, LL-cups on the bottom, and a decent sized udder.

"Soooo, how does it feel?" Cassandra asked the emptied cowgirl.

Jackie smiled and excitedly said, "Oh, it feels great, girls!" They soon got walking. Each step made her top breasts jiggle and her bottom ones jiggle an sway. She admitted that it felt good to be a cow girl.

There were a few warnings given to the cow girl. One was, if she ever flirted in the sexual way she did, two more breasts would grow on her chest, stomach or underbelly. If she called anyone a cow, her breasts would grow a size. Jackie understanded and tried not to. To this day, she still has HH-cups, but instead of twelve, she has twenty now; four under the six on her chest and four behind the six on her underbelly. The pair farthest back rubbed on her udder when they got enough milk, which caused a bit of pleasure to run into her. Her life wasn't going to be easy...
This describes a milking session involving a lot of pleasure, some punishments, and what happened to Jackie, the anthro cowtaur, because of those punishments given.

Let's just say she'll have a fun time ahead of her.
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April 10, 2016
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