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Mature content
Saving Ourself PART 3 (CJ, Multi) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 6 4
Mature content
Saving Ourself PART 2 (CJ, Multi) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 6 2
Conjoinment Academy: A Triune Voice
With the most recent news from the headmistress… es, I was absolutely dumbfounded. This school was really going to turn people into boys and girls like her?... them? I knew that scientists were really fond of wanting to make people fused together, but this? How did they do it? Why did they do it? Why did my parents sign me up for this?
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name’s Hannah. I’m fourteen years old, and I come from a very mismatched family. I have a college-aged brother that my parents keep yelling at to go to college - he insists otherwise - and they really didn’t seem to want me being in the way. They also knew I wasn’t that social of a person so they sent me here. They wanted me to make a friend or two, and when they saw the advertised “buddy system,” they immediately decided on sending me here. And that’s what they did.
But for some reason, they didn’t pick up on this. They didn’t realise that I would actua
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 14 7
Mature content
Man's Best Friend PART 2 (Anthro TF, Multi, CJ) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 11 2
Mature content
Man's Best Friend PART 1 (Anthro TF, Multi, CJ) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 9 0
Mature content
Saving Ourself PART 1 (CJ, Multi) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 22 6
Mature content
Puppy Needs a Mistress (Monster Girl CJ) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 12 2
Conjoinment Academy: Accommodations
The newest trio of the academy walked along to a dorm room that Harper had been assigned, and thank goodness she was the organised one. Michael, according to his profile, was a very laid back guy, which meant that the two girls would have to be doing most of the work. That’s what the two of them were doing, as they were using their two legs to carry them to the room, albeit quite wobbly. The two were practically making their threesome of a body lean against the wall for support. Harper, being the closest to the wall, didn’t seem so pleased. They had already walked through the main area, the big lounge on the first floor, and taken the elevator to the second floor. They didn't want to bother with stairs just yet.
“How come I have to be the one against the wall?” Harper asked.
“Because the dorm’s on this side, isn’t it?” Emily responded, looking down the hall. The hall was roughly ten feet wide, and there was a fair share of doors on each s
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 18 2
Conjoinment Academy: We'll Take Him
I sat there as a nervous wreck as the final words were uttered from one of the headmistresses. The words that Hakami said stuck in my mind, especially this sentence:
“So, as you might be able to figure out, you’ll be joined together just like us.”
I couldn’t believe I was going to be spending four years stuck to another girl or boy! My head darted around every which way to see what kinds of students there were. I saw various students of different races, wearing different clothing, and acting in many different ways. I even saw some people that remained emotionless, and I could swear I saw a girl using sign language to another. Goodness, where would all these people be from?
Oh wait, have I seriously not introduced myself? My name is Harper. I’m a fourteen-year-old girl that’s, well… pretty much your average girl. I love spending time with my friends back at home, I’m always glued to my phone in times when it’s appropriate, and I
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 34 17
A Very Unusual Love (Furry, Unusual CJ)
Jessica and Maria were two anthro fox girls that had vowed to never leave each other, and with the rise of a new program, the girls were more than excited to be permanently bound in an intimate embrace for the rest of their lives. Even if this meant that they would never end up looking anywhere but each other's eyes, it was fine with them.
And so, they were brought to the factory with the intent of being joined into a single stance forever. They were gently lathered with a gel-like substance and gently pressed against each other, the gel instantly gluing and melding their skin together.
By the time they were finished, there was no glue left. They were left with skin fusing into skin and mind linked to mind as they gazed into each other's dreamy eyes. Fused at the nose, breasts, and belly, with that joined belly leading into a single pair of legs, the girls were trapped in this new shared body.
But this wasn't a trap. This was just how they wished to be. Enough distance for their mouths
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 21 12
Mature content
Overpopulation (Gijinka TF, CowCatgirl CJ) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 21 4
Viginti Tres
Hailee was walking down the street one day, heading to the park. That was her favourite relaxation spot to go to, and she could still have fun there. A few people normally came up to her and asked for autographs while she was there, but it didn't bother her. Her components talked amongst each other and shared happy thoughts and memories possibly not shared. It was a very nice place to be.
Of course, her components sweet talked each other too. Two of them were in a romantic relationship, and one was very openly lesbian, basically leaning Hailee's sexuality to bisexual, though it was a huge polyamoric mess deep inside.
You're such a sweetie, Isabelle~
Oh, you're cheating on me, Lily? What nonsense!
Bailey, please. You know I love you.
Me too!
Tyra, come on. I love her more than you!

Those conversations made Hailee giggle on the outside as she set herself down to lie on the grass. All was calm as she closed her eyes...
And then she heard footsteps. No, it wasn't a normal sequence o
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 11 17
Character Bio: Hailee Viginti
Name: Hailee Viginti
Age: 23
Birthdate: July 11, 1994
Race: Mixed
Eye Colour: Cycles (Brown, blue, green, red)
Body Type: Slim
Cup Size: E
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135lbs
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Outgoing, eager, helpful, caring, a bit paranoid
Likes: Spreading awareness, her uniqueness, her voices, cuddling, plushies, her components talking amongst each other, her eyes, soft drinks, sour stuff, running
Dislikes: Bullies, mockers, negative onlookers, getting hurt (bruises look odd), the man who transformed them, bitter stuff, pervs, being told to speak
Actually twenty girls in one body, Hailee Viginti was created as a result of a twisted experiment by 25-year-old man who snuck into a party. The twenty girls that were there fused into one body, somehow not leaving behind any extra mass. Their minds merged so that their likes and dislikes were evenly split, and also so that they can talk to one another in their shared mind. She took the name of one of the girls they liked the most
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 1 4
Spiked Girl
A girl sat before the interviewer with her legs crossed, her hands gently placed on her leg. She flipped her multicoloured hair off to the side, letting it fall behind her shoulder, where it reached the bottom of her shoulderblade. Her colours of brown, black, blonde, red, and pink were quite the target, but the skin tones were even more so, appearing like a person with vitiligo, just with more colours involved. Ranging from a pale Caucasian to a dark brown, to a yellower Asian tone, to an Indian brown, it was a sight to behold. Her colour-shifting eyes constantly cycled between different shades of blue, brown, green, and even a red. All of her was a mystery.
"Tell me, miss," the reporter said, looking through some records of the woman. "How exactly did you end up like this?"
An unexpected chorus of roughly twenty female voices spoke from one mouth. "How do I put this..."
We were all single women, about the average age being 23. We were enjoying ourselves at a lively party,
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 18 0
Magician's Show (Multi TF RP)
You’ve just been invited to another show that’s run by the famous magicians, Yumi and Kat Kayami. You’re very excited and have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Now is your chance to see for yourself what they can do.
During the show, you, yourself, get personally called up to the stage. Yumi and Kat tell you that they will transform you like all of the other volunteers. When they do, you find out that your body has actually been altered and the magic isn't just tricks. After you've been transformed, you get the choice to keep your transformed body and stay with them, or leave with or without your transformed body.
The ways in which you can be transformed are shown on Nolaa08 and Ryan's character sheet.
What is required initially:
Your name
Your age
Your gender
What changes about you
Stay or no
Who you room with
Who you roleplay with (Nolaa08 or Ryan (SophieAndRyanArt))
Whether or not the RP should be sexual (if so, it would be done in private)
The ch
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 3 1,154
Mature content
LOST Files: Charlie and Charli Graves :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 9 8


Commission Age Regression by Da-Fuze
Mature content
Commission Age Regression :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 52 2
Holly-lujah by GoblinHordeStudios
Mature content
Holly-lujah :icongoblinhordestudios:GoblinHordeStudios 766 17
Walk-In Closet by HermitInPassing Walk-In Closet :iconhermitinpassing:HermitInPassing 29 2 Tsukasa and Hikaru by crackspid3r Tsukasa and Hikaru :iconcrackspid3r:crackspid3r 118 5 Selfie For Two by doomofthesea Selfie For Two :icondoomofthesea:doomofthesea 5 3 Squish by Obakawaii
Mature content
Squish :iconobakawaii:Obakawaii 71 8
Peach, Daisy and Rosalina conjoined by EmilyDA Peach, Daisy and Rosalina conjoined :iconemilyda:EmilyDA 17 9 Special K by Mellon-Bollar Special K :iconmellon-bollar:Mellon-Bollar 31 1 Contaminated cola by Unidentified-TF
Mature content
Contaminated cola :iconunidentified-tf:Unidentified-TF 108 5
Selina by HeiLeeJoe Selina :iconheileejoe:HeiLeeJoe 21 6 DVA Black Cat by AraSFwitch
Mature content
DVA Black Cat :iconarasfwitch:AraSFwitch 65 2
Testing by EmilyDA Testing :iconemilyda:EmilyDA 11 7 Final Touches by love4arms
Mature content
Final Touches :iconlove4arms:love4arms 55 4
Steamy by Mellon-Bollar
Mature content
Steamy :iconmellon-bollar:Mellon-Bollar 31 2
Useless by Mellon-Bollar Useless :iconmellon-bollar:Mellon-Bollar 41 3 Ame Ame Ame!!! by Mellon-Bollar Ame Ame Ame!!! :iconmellon-bollar:Mellon-Bollar 23 1


Wow, just wow. A group shared this with me and I have no regrets whatsoever. And you did this with watercolor and colored pencils? Amaz...

Really great work! I love how this sequence was made! It's adorable, beautiful, and pretty much every good adjective I could think of! ...



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Holy crap... thanks for 75k...
How am I getting nearly 200 pageviews per day? O.o
Working on a big new project that was built up a couple of months back.
I almost have 75,000 pageviews... O.o
Puppy Needs a Mistress... another part or no?
I'm about to leave this god-forsaken community, I swear on my life.
Should I do something for 50,000 pageviews?
Oh hey, look at that!

Thank you SO MUCH for 50,000 pageviews! That number is insane! :D
By the way, I opened an account with Ryan from SophieAndRyanArt. Feel free to check it out for more stuff.

Hey, all!

I'm going to be uploading something later today, and it's got my main audience's favourites! Cowgirls and conjoinment!
I know I don't have it showing... I think...

But my birthday's tomorrow (31st for me).
Hoooooly shit.

Access watched me.

I'm satisfied now.
Making a story with Julia and Hailee meeting.
Oh hey. 100 watchers. That's pretty cool.

Thanks a bunch!


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Hello, my DeviantArt ID is Nolaa08, but you may call me Grem. I am a big fan of conjoinment, multiples, and transformation. Because of these interests, I am a big part of the L.O.S.T. (Living Organic Symbiotic Tether) community, which involves a fictional virus that transforms and amalgamates the human body to become anything from simple effects to mass fusions.

I love anything with multiples. Arms, legs, heads, tails, you name it.

I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying. If you are into that as well, make sure to drop a comment on one of my roleplays.

I'm open to character ideas, story ideas, even suggestions for other people's characters.

Talk to me easily on skype: GremlinboyFH/Nolaa08


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