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October 2, 2007
An awesome emote based Journal CSS available in five different colours. Go take a look at the rest of this deviant's work. EmotiJournal Journal CSS by =Nol888
Featured by maxwell-heza
Suggested by InukazaWolf
Nol888's avatar

EmotiJournal Journal CSS

See a live preview here.

Version 1.1: CSS updated to have imageshack links, see my journal about Photoshop for full details. Please re-download and update your journal if you use it.
Version 1.2: The moodbox has appeared. :eyes: The moodbox is recommended to be on the bottom, although it doesn't really matter.

EmotiJournal is a free journal CSS based on the common internet phenomenon known as the emote. It's available in five color schemes (EmotiYellow, EmotiPink, EmotiGreen, EmotiBlue, and EmotiRed).
Currently compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7.

FREE. That means you can use it without asking.

Huge thanks to =de-Mote for emoticon and banner designs.

Edit: :O Barely a week and already ~1500 views and 25 faves. My most successful deviation by far!

Wooh! DD'd! Thanks all! *is DD hyper*
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ThatCreativeCat's avatar
:P I can't read this.... Is it in another language or am I seeing things? (Not meaning to be mean~) 
Luane-Silverwing's avatar
Just curious, how do you code the moodbox into a journal? ^^' I got the script for it, but the moods wont appear, weirdly...
Ivas-Art-Adventures's avatar
so nice :aww: I'm gonna use it :D
FreyaBigg's avatar
It is okay that I've used this but replaced the emotes with my own? :? ^^ still crediting you :D
KlauS92's avatar
when i try to download it says File Not Found :'(
i want it so bad
sad-rosesstock's avatar
I know you've answered countless people this, but I read all the comments and didn't figure it out.
I paste the entire code in the skin css box and it looks fine, but I can't work out where to put the links that will show up in the friends box, so I end up with a long blank space on the left. -
"You copy and paste the CSS, the header, the body, and the footer into their respective sections."
I have no idea how to do that D:
If you reply, a thousand thankyews!
sad-rosesstock's avatar
Oh, it's so cute. I'm using it, and it will stay foreeever because I won't change it when my sub runs out :lol:
Pocky-Sama00's avatar
On a different note...
Pocky-Sama00's avatar
Geh It's not in the right category anymore >.<
Pocky wants to use it!
Pocky-Sama00's avatar
yeah fail, I'm just stupid ^^;
LissyFishy's avatar
I love it! Everytime I use the friend box, it says error, but I still love this!
Nol888's avatar
Lol, like, what kind of error.
LissyFishy's avatar
CAKE ERROE :icongwahplz: lol no, it says token error. I'm not sure why, though. Unless, I dunno, Chuck E. Cheese copywrited the yellow emote cuz it looks like their tokens... and now he's banning me from using the friend box! LE GASP :noes: HE MUST BE STOPPED :iconbaawwplz: lol sorry to scare you ^^;
BlissSlyOne's avatar
um... the friends box isn't showing up for me :ohnoes: how/where are you supposed to put the names in?
and how do you put the links on? at the top?
Nol888's avatar
Um, there's a div section labelled links. You put links in there. If I remember correctly it was in the header. I'm not sure, and I'm too busy to check. Sorry.

You'll see all the links there, lol.
Jerret-the-Ferret's avatar
AWESOME!!! you have pimped my journal up to a whole new level!!! :glomp:
Nol888's avatar
Well thanks. :P
maester96's avatar
Horses101's avatar
CUTE!! :aww: I think I'd use this one :D me and my friends use to much emotions :w00t:
frostandfrogs's avatar
the what's new at the top of my journal is getting cut off
Nol888's avatar
Really? Not for me. What browser are you using?
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