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A Christmas Story
Severus rolled his eyes when he came down to the sitting room on Christmas morning.  He was pleased that Debra was advancing quite well in her magical abilities during the past seven months of their marriage, but he didn't remember teaching her decorating spells.  "Did you use magic for all this or did you stay up all night decorating the Muggle way?" he asked when Debra came in from the kitchen.
"Magic," she answered with a smile as she set a plate of cookies on the coffee table.  "Hermione showed me how to do this when I was over her house the other day, she had me help decorate her house."
"Is this because I invited Remus over today?" Severus asked, sitting in his chair.  He looked at the tree that was lit with tiny candles.  "Those aren't going to cause a fire are they?"
"Nope, Hermione had me practice this charm that would keep them safe for the tree," Debra said as she sat on the couch near him.  She tucked her legs up u
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A New Start - Chapter 7
Severus read the letter the black owl had just dropped off. He folded it thoughtfully, placing it in his pocket before stepping outside to apparate to Brekka’s shop.
He walked around the hillside to the hidden door and stepped up the back. He tripped the chime and was greeted by a bark from Stalker.
Brekka peered through the curtain and opened the door, “Severus, I am sorry about leaving you today. I had not planned on being gone that long.”
“You were busy playing spin the bottle with Aramis, if I recall.”
She rolled her eyes at him and ushered him into a rather lovely apartment built into the side of the mountain. It went further into the interior of the mountain than the shop did and must be formed from a natural cave structure.  
Severus noted the hardwood floors, soft green draperies and the wood trimmed furniture. He noted Stalker’s position on the hearth that shared it’s chimney shaft with the store complex bellow, Jazelle’s place
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A New Start - Chapter 6
Brekka moved like a zombie around the store. Friday had been a long and tiring day and Martha had wondered at the ‘HELP WANTED’ sign in the door. No one had come in looking for a job but the shop had been busy.
Brekka wasn’t sure how she was going to make it through the day because she just wanted to cry. She hated how she reacted to men, especially Severus Snape.
The door chimed and she turned to see her first customer of the day. Her heart flopped, “May I help you sir?”
His face darkened but Brekka could tell that Severus was not happy with her cool tone.
“I have come about the job posted in the window.”
Brekka shook her head, “Severus, I will not hire you back. I…”
“You are a hot-headed young woman who does not listen to people at all and lets her fears and passions cloud her judgment.”
“Get out of my shop.”
“I was not given a formal notice of termination, only angry words off of work time. Are you certain th
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A New Start - Chapter 5
Brekka looked in the mirror and yanked the braid out of her hair again. Her curls immediately went wild and she frowned as she pulled a different clip out and charmed her hair into it. Finally satisfied that she looked nice but not obvious, she tidied up the room and headed down the stairs to the shop.
She was bent over the ledger when the chimes sounded admitting Severus to the store. She looked up to say hello and noticed it instantly the difference in him.  He seemed more relaxed and as he said ‘Good Morning’ to her he headed for the back room.
“I will be working in the back today,” she said trying to not to let the disappointment enter her voice. As he turned to face her she could see the distinct hickey peeking over his collar.
“As you wish,” he said in a strained voice as he walked up to the counter.
Brekka removed herself, “Oh and don’t step on the giant tube sock, that’s Rigor in his winter coat.”
She pushed passed him
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Caran and Sirius by NokomisSnape Caran and Sirius :iconnokomissnape:NokomisSnape 4 6
A Promise Of Tomorrow - 9
"Are you still upset with me?" Severus asked after their guests had gone home.  "I assure you I didn't intend to upset you."
"Why are you so formal all of a sudden?" Debra asked confused.  "You've never been this way before.  I am a little more comfortable with the idea since Hermione and I talked about it."
"I'm sorry," he said.  "I guess I'm still not used to being social and thinking of how others will react."
Debra got up, sat next to Severus and layed her head against his chest.  "I still love you.  It was just shocking after so many years of being one thing and then finding out you are something else."
"I love you too," Severus said, smoothing her hair.  He placed a kiss on her head and held her close to him.  "Are you willing to learn if I teach you?"
Debra sat for a moment in thought.  "Will you teach me important things like how to clean a room with a wave?" she asked with a smile on her
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Fawnaife McKess by NokomisSnape Fawnaife McKess :iconnokomissnape:NokomisSnape 5 9
Mature content
A New Start - 4 :iconnokomissnape:NokomisSnape 0 2
A New Start - Chapter 3
Elissa woke to the sound of an owl tapping away at her window.  Not being a morning person, she grumbled to herself as she went to the window and opened it, allowing the bird access to her room.  She took the letter and shooed the bird away, not bothering to give it a treat after it woke her so early.  She opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.  She looked around her bedroom after reading it and tossed it on her dresser.  Though she was flattered by the offer the letter contained, she was happy where she was and wouldn't give it a second thought.  She showered and dressed and went into the kitchen to start breakfast.  Just when she was sitting down, she heard a knock on her door.  Glancing at the clock, she noticed it was 10:15am and wondered who could be there.  It was way too early to expect Severus, seeing as how he didn't need to be there until 11.  She went to the door and o
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A Promise Of Tomorrow - 8
Severus woke early the next morning, pleased that Debra was still asleep beside him.  He got out of bed quietly and went to the closet, taking the box down from the shelf carefully.  He turned and looked at Debra, hoping that his feeling wasn't wrong.  Of course, he wasn't quite sure what would happen if it didn't respond to her.  It could be that he was wrong or that it just wasn't right for her.  He watched as she slept, unaware of the thoughts going through his mind at that moment.  He tucked the box under his arm and went downstairs, starting breakfast for the both of them.
Severus was just finishing up the eggs when Debra came downstairs.  "You didn't have to cook Severus," she said, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.  "How long have you been awake?"
"Only long enough," he said as he set a plate on the table for her.  "Sit, I want to talk to you about something."
Debra sat down and looked at
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A Promise Of Tomorrow - 7
After Severus finished eating, he put the breakfast dishes into the sink and walked over to Debra, offering his hand.  "Are you ready to go to Diagon Alley now?" he asked as she stood to face him.
"Yes, I'll need to get something to wear when we marry," she replied, reaching for the pouch she kept her money in.  "I've had a good month of tarot readings so I'm hoping I have enough for something, even if it's second hand."
"I would have assumed you would wear the robes I bought you," Severus said before Disapparating the both of them to The Leaky Cauldron.  "I thought you looked stunning in it."
"I cannot wear black on my wedding day," Debra said, rolling her eyes as she stepped away and regained her bearings.  "Not that I would pretend I can wear white, but I at least want a color on the lighter side of the spectrum."
"Just be careful," Severus said to her before placing a kiss on his cheek and leaving her to do her shopping.  He knew th
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A New Start - 2
Elissa rolled her eyes, annoyed that she would have to close the store for a while on a Friday afternoon just to pay Vantavington a visit.  She put the amount she needed for her payment into a pouch and then made her way down to the building that served as the bank for the area.  She made sure that the store was securely locked and warded before making her way down the street.  She made her way to the bank and went inside, only to see that he wasn't alone.  She saw another girl, arguing with him and she sighed, knowing that it wouldn't be a quick visit today.
The doorbell chimed as Vantavington finally decided to show his face.
"Ahh, Brekka, dear. How are you today love?"
Brekka glared at the man before her. Norris Vantavington was a pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed wizard and the only reason she was here was to pay her rent.
"I am not your dear or your love. Here's my rent."
"Leaving so quickly, Brekka? And such a tart today," he said grabbing w
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Tears Don't Fall - Chapter 4
Nokomis fell into a chair in shock.  "How long has he been gone?"
"A few hours," Draco replied.  "It was a specific call, my mark never burned."
Nokomis stared in silence for a few moments.  "He'll probably be back soon," she said, trying to keep herself from worrying.
Draco didn't reply and stared at his hands.  "Personal summons aren't normally good, unless he needs you to do something important for him," he said after a long pause.
Nokomis sat in silence, every so often glancing up at the clock above the fireplace.  Time seemed to stand still, her stomach in knots.  She looked over at Draco and noticed that he had fallen asleep on the couch and she smiled for a second before she remembered that Severus was still not home.  She got up, unable to sit and do nothing any longer, and started pacing the room.  She heard a snap and turned quickly, only to see Severus kneeling on the floor, clutching an old tiar
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New Name

Journal Entry: Sun May 10, 2009, 7:02 PM
I got a new account on Deviant Art.  I just need a change.

If you want the new account name, message me here and I will send you a note on my new account.

This is the only way I know for certain who still WANTS to follow my art and be my friend still.

I'm also giving up all the clubs that I belonged to and created.  I might still check one or two, but I'm really not sure.

Oh, the art I still owe someone, it will get done.  I'll probably do it in the next day or so, it will be posted on this account because I'm not going to have things like that on my new account.

Like a few have's time to grow up...and this is a part of my growing up.


Looking for me? Find me here: Slytherin Dungeon

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Favourite cartoon character: I don't watch many cartoons anymore.


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