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My last manip was inspired by my back pain and this one is inspired by the pounding headaches I sometimes get when my upper back goes out and presses on some nerve and pow the next 6 hours are hell. My next manip might be something with my stomach problems (I have IBS). Man Im only 43 and Im falling apart lol.

All photos and textures are my own, the model is my lovely daughter Samantha. If you would like to see what I started with look here [link]

All comments are welcome.
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It expresses the feeling and pain perfectly. 
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Wonderful texture on the skin. I would have loved to have seen the before, but your link doesn't work.
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Totally Metal! BROFIST 
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What I feel right now.
Thats wicked nice job
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Ah migraine, migraine, migraine !!

On e of my two worst Friends !!

I also duffer of CFIDS.

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You've captured it. Nicely done.
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For the month of June we are collecting blood soaked and gory masterpieces to our group. We are adding this piece to our collection with your permission of course. You are welcome to join us if you have room for another group @ #dA-Morgue we always have an extra slab waiting.
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"Get me an aspirin or something, dammit!!"
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Oh man... I can relate. It's awesome.
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Nice piece ....
I featured your piece on my blog, you are credited and clicking the photo links you back to here!
(if you wish for me to take it down, please message me either on tumblr or on DA)
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powerful picture well done :D
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this is amazing :woohoo:
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incredible work have just been looking through your gallery very insperational
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Hey there :wave:
This is a standard message to let you know you have been featured in the "Browsing way back II: 2004- Photomanipulation Gems " news article [link] .
I would really appreciate it if you didn't reply here, but posted a comment on the news article instead.
Thank you and keep up the good work!
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Hope you don't mind, but i've featured your lovely work in my journal [link] !

I am quite a fan of this one. And migraines are no stranger to my door. I've been tortured with them since i was 13. :P i can totally relate to this image.
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I feel you on the back pain and migraines... :)

I love this pic... It's like the undead are still feeling pain and also like a message that maybe our pain isn't so bad compared to this. Amazing work!
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Yeah - fully understand - I suffer the same thing (6 hours would be great - mine stays usually for 1 - 2 days)
I can recommend a little trick against it if you want but not here :D since dA is not health related site :D

Nice photo-manipulation and very very accurate for the topic...
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