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Winter Tram

Unexpected winter postcard in the middle of spring)
It's from Sain Petersburg series again ^^
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So romantic and full of atmosphere!
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What did you use as canvas?
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this makes me smile :)

(and forget that I'm depressed by the coming back of the snow)
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Oh, thanks) You have snow in the end of april? О_О
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yup.... it's totally not usual or normal... but there was a good 5-cm layer this morning... yuk! :D
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I love snow! But it's almost may already)) We have a really nice spring here, everything is green and blossoming ^^
I hope we can even go to the bicycle trip with overnight stop in tents next weekend) 
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Normally, I love snow too, but it's just not the time anymore... there are quite a few flowers and blossoms... hope they'll stand the snow...
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This is beautiful, I love the texture through out it. The buildings in the background makes the scene.
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Thanks a lot!
I wanted to draw a famous Saint Petersburg view, but the trams stopped to run there for some years.
It's a pity, because I love trams ^^''
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Those windows are just beautiful! And the characters looking out from the tram are funny and insanely cute!
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Thank you so much! :3
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Really charming, and nice use of colours :D
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Thanks a lot! =^.^=
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