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Moomin Hobbit

By nokeek
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One more commission artwork with the Moomin-Hobbit crossover ^___^
A5 size, pastel paper, watercolor pencils, black liner and white pen as usual.
I do, actually, love the thought of Moomin and Snuffkin in the Shire) 
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Your works are amazing! I wish you had more on hobbits and Middle-earth

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Moomin and Snufkin reminds me of Sam and Frodo ♥
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That looks cool! The paint texture looks cool
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They'd fit in, yes, but time & space far separate the moomins and the hobbits.
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Beautiful artwork :) Good work! :love:
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The Shire is a wonderfully realized place. However, after the events of the Ring War -and the start of the 4th Age- king Aragorn of the restored Realm (Gondor & Arnor) decreed the Shire to be off limits to men. The hobbits have had more than enough of meddling by man.

If men want to see hobbits, let them come to Bree !

Later, the Shire would be extended west to the Tower Hills, where Sam's descendants settled and they kept the Red Book from which Tolkein drew the info he needed...
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Tove Jansson has actually pictured one version of "Lord of the rings"
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All of my YEEEEEES! I SO love this idea! Thank you so MUCH! :hug: :heart:
Although I think Moominpappa should have been better choice here, as he and Bilbo are both adventures, and might have met at some point.
And that has given me an idea to write a Fan Fic about!  :D
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Me too, me too... Oh! Sweet dreams...

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Thanks a lot! ^^
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Brilliant crossover :)
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Thank you! :3
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Wow! You are a really comforting artist! You evoke both magical stories in beautiful colours and lines. Thank you for bringing light to my day.
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Aww, thank you so much!
*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen 
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Absolutely amazing and beautiful!! You are so talented and congrats by getting a DD!!! moomin-hug Snufkin Icon 2 Moomin 
 I'm from Denmark and here we call them: "Mumitroldene". ^_^=) 
On Danish: youtu.be/8Fkt1BlUt6o
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Wow, thanks a lot! In russian they called pretty similar: "mummi trolli":3
Happy Moomin Icon 
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Haha cool & no problems!! So Mumi Troldene (Mummi Trolli) is popular all over the world i guess! Actually i'm from Denmark, so that's why Mumi Troldene! moomin-hug 
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