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Watercolour Tutorial

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Here is a watercolour tutorial. I wanted to add this because there is also other ways besides the traditional way of paintting with watercolours.
I hope that this tutorial will help you out. And I hope you understand this since my english isnt amazingly good.

Oh, and here is the finished pic, and another traditional art tutorial of mine:

:bulletred: The Finished Watercolor Painting
:bulletred: Colored Pencil Tutorial
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Thank you very much for this great tutorial!!
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i would like to try this tutorial soon, thanks!
Tigerlilyprincess's avatar
Great tutorial, thanks!
kejra's avatar
Omg thank you so much its really helpful 
nokecha's avatar
Fantastic! Thank you! :)
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Quick question (just because the tutorial didn't specify) is the technique your using for this piece a 'wet on dry' technique or a 'wet on wet' technique?
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Lucy! She looks perfect, I like it a lot
superzellz's avatar
Nice Tutorial!!!
Gokuist's avatar
woow very nice tutorial...
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Thanks for this, I've just got into watercolour and I've been looking for a tutorial like this! Can I ask though, in the tutorial, your watercolour seems to be so strong, where as when I use them, be the ones at school or home, it just comes washed out? Could you help me out? Thanks man! :)
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Good quality watercolors are important and I also use white color that isn't so common in the traditional watercolor technique. Actually the white isn't really even considered as watercolor. But it works with water so I use it with watercolors. I use less water to make the colors stronger and paint more than one layer of color. But you need to wait the earlier layer to dry before adding a new one. Btw I'm not "man", but thanks for your comment.
Thanks for that advice! :)
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np! :) I hope it helps!
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Hi there, I hope you don't mind but I was wondering if I could submit this into a group I'm a co-founder in? It's called :iconwateryartists: and tutorials like this would be fabulous!
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Sure, thank you for asking! Just give a link to the original one in my site and it's ok! :)
MoonPhase9's avatar
Oh don't worry, it's the same as when you submit your work into a group, so it'll immediately link to your page, so everyone knows it's yours :)
oHoneyBunn's avatar
now I want to watch Elfen Lied.. and I love the picture :D buuut I can't do this cause well...I don't have watercolour stuff :/
artupida's avatar
such a nice tutorialll... how about posting this tutorial in so you can inspirate more artist with this amazing tutorial? you could help more artist there :)
M-Lee08's avatar
What kind of kind of ink are you using? Mine just got run out an tinged my work black.
nokecha's avatar
I used some kind of brown ink I think, so not black, some color that wont bleed on the watercolors.
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