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Pirate Princess Miranda

This one is just a random character, Miranda, but she's inspired by a funny pirate themed Wii game Zack & Wiki. I love the game, It's all about solving difficult puzzles in a cute world.

But I also wanted to make a colored Pencil tutorial, because I have often been asked for one. So this is at the same time a tutorial picture. The tutorial shows my tecnique by skin coloring, but I used the same tecnique also when coloring the rest of the picture.

Here you can find the tutorial of my colored- & watercolor pencil tecnique:

:bulletblue: Colored Pencil Tutorial
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A very nice piece that's very cute
vienna-kangaroo's avatar
This is incredible. I am in awe of your artwork! I must say that you have really inspired me with what you do! :D
nokecha's avatar
Thats great to hear! Thank you!
vienna-kangaroo's avatar
No problem! Keep up the awesome artwork! ;)
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Did you color over the inked lineart/outline with the color pencils 9the ones you used ink for)? Or was the lineart/outline color adjusted in photoshop?
nokecha's avatar
I used black marker to paint the lineart and I colored on top of the line with colored pencils. So I defined the lineart with the colored pencils. Maybe this tutorial would help to explain: [link]
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Ah gotcha. I just wasn't sure. I saw the tutorial before but it didn't mention coloring over the black lines. Thanks for clearing that up!
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Aww :meow: the parrot is so adorable! You shaded its rainbowness perfectly ^^
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AzeilaRose's avatar
What scanner do you have? I can never get my traditional works to come out this beautifully on my computer.
(This is truly inspiring! I hope you don't mind my inquiry. :) )
nokecha's avatar
I have Canon Pixma Printer. But of course it doesn't make the drawing look like it should look so I always use Photoshop to adjust the levels and the colors of the picture. I'm happy if you find this tutorial inspiring! Thank you!
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i looked at the tutoriasl and i wish i could do that but my colored pencils suck and so do all of my other coloring things even my paint @__@
nokecha's avatar
You just need to buy good quality colored pencils from an art store.
dragonflyfire8's avatar
oh..i dont know if we have one that i can get to but i'll look around :)
LittleAsura's avatar
Did you use Prismacolors??
nokecha's avatar
I didn't use Prismacolors, here is a tutorial and you can see detailed information about the media I used [link]
Amy012's avatar
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa the coloring is perfect *o* i love your work
soooo incredible ;^;
nokecha's avatar
Aww, thankies! :)
krow000666's avatar
nice colors on it X3
Evvivas's avatar
HEY SWEET! I have a pirate princess with my name!
Maplefly's avatar
I love it so much!! The clothes is beautiful-great colouring here hun <3
nokecha's avatar
Maplefly's avatar
you're welcome ^^
natalierocks14's avatar
Amazing! :D keep up the good work!!
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