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Colored Pencil Tutorial

Many times have people asked how I do my traditional colored pencil works. And now I have finally finished my second tutorial. This one tells not only using of normal colored pencils but also the watercolor pencils, because if I make a drawing with colored pencils I allways use also the watercolor pencils. I almost never use water with the watercolor pencils, I just love the stronger and more covering feeling of them.

This tutorial tells actually only about skin coloring, but the tecnique is same when I color something else.

If you are interested about my traditional art tecniques, you should also see my watercolor tutorial.

:bulletblue: Watercolor Tutorial
:bulletblue: The Finished Pirate Princess
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Thank you so much! It's very well-made!
tadpolesculptures's avatar
Thanks so much!!! This is so good!!!
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Great that you find it useful!
Thank you;  it's Beautiful!
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how do you colour the hair with pencil crayons?
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I used colored pencils for the whole picture and the technique used for the skin also works for the hair.
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What did you use to make the lineart?
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tanks for the help this is very usefull if you dont have any idea of the teqnique  and wow your pulse is awesome my lines are always awful
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I followed your instructions, and my drawing looks a thousand times better than when I color it with just two colors. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful tips! :)
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That's wonderful to hear! Great :)
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;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) amazing tutorialll ,Good Jobbb .thankss
RedFlamingHood's avatar
Nice tutorial :) Arigatou!
Mochizuki-Rin's avatar
I have faber castel and it sucks -.-
that is why I prefer watercolors and digital. What brand is your pencils_
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Mostly Derwent, but also some Faber Castell watercolor pencils, at least mine are fine, but they are pretty old so maybe they arent good nowadays.
Mochizuki-Rin's avatar
uh probably it is because mine are old too :p
thanks anyway :3
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Very helpful! Hope you don't mind if I favorite this for later study and reference!
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Great to hear you find it helpful! Please feel free to add to your favorites :heart:
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I tried it out, though I didn't have the colors you recommended, so I tried the closest colors I could get.  It looks a lot nicer than how I was just using plain ol' peach for skin lol
nokecha's avatar
Great to hear that you have tried my tips!
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This was very helpful, as colored pencils are mmy preferred medium.
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Thank youuuu this was very helpful!!! Amazing!
WhiteMageRinny's avatar
How do you suggest blending the colors? Do you use a tool of any kind?
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