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Adobe CC Icons

Made up a suite of icons for the new Adobe CC apps. Attached are .icns for the whole set. I'll add PNGs later.
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add adobe xd icon pls

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Hey, great icon set. Does the license allow me to use them on my web portfolio? I mean not to include them in any of my creations, but just to illustrate project descriptions of things I've made using the Adobe Creative Suite?
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For those that want the font, I found it. It is called Aller. Link is here:….


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Hi Nokari, 

Can you please tell me the font you used? I cannot find it anywhere. 
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Hi Nokari,

What is the font you used for these icons? 

Many thnaks! :)
Love these icons!  Any way that we could get these updated for the newest CC apps released, e.g. XD?
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Really nice. What font have u used?
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I'd like to know it too.
Any change on getting icons for Edge Reflow and Edge Inspect? Or can I get the psd layout file so I can create these two.
Great icons dude. Any chance of getting one for Fireworks?
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What about Audition? shadow...
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It should be in the actual icon file. I just made a mistake of not including it in the preview and never went back to update it.
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Can u please do one for Final cut pro! love them!
how u made this shadow tell me please
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Use the Pen tool set to Shape layer, pick the direction you want the light to come from, and figure out which parts would cast a shadow.
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Gorgeous icons, man. Fantastic job.
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