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If you are easily offended by nudity, blood, violence and sexual content, telling me to stop won't make the world a better place. It makes you look like a moralfag. I can understand if the art depicts bigotry in a positive light or an image of a character beating up a characterization of a real person, but if you're blowing the whistle on something just because you can see labia or a flaccid dick, you're only making a fool of yourself.

This site isn't an X-rated paradise, teens should be able to browse without seeing offensive content.
No shit, sherlock. That's why we have the "mature tag".

What about porn?
Just report it. If you happen to find underage nudes, those are also against the site's rules. Child porn is a huge no-no and the police can get involved if necessary.

FAQ #696: How does deviantART comply with COPPA?
FAQ #23: What are deviantART's policies on nudity?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

Are you saying I'm stupid for feeling offended?
Kinda, but it depends on the piece and your reaction. You're still entitled to feel bad, but you can't shut up an artist. That violates free speech.

What about violence towards women?
Is it really a bad thing if someone draws women getting beaten up? The awful thing about this is that people assume misogyny is always connected to it, yet almost nobody cares if it's a guy getting his ass kicked. Correlation does NOT equal causation.

But (insert piece) is really offensive, take it down!
Nope. Not unless it violates deviantart's rules. I'm not here to service YOU specifically. Nobody is. Look for stuff you like instead.

What about nazi/communist/other potentially offensive ideology themed art?
I have no problem as long as it's not blatant hate art. Before you report art for expressing opinions you strongly disagree with, make sure you read the FAQ concerning what dA considers to be "hate art".

FAQ #303: I'm offended by something I saw on the website!
FAQ #12: deviantART doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?

Ew, your tone disgusts me!
Being blunt does NOT equal being rude. I refuse to sugarcoat anything unnecessarily.
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I agree, but shouldn’t this count for fanfiction as well?
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FishyribbitHobbyist Traditional Artist
*Breathes in*

thank you
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ButterflyLibraGirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
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SketchedFoxxHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah okay i can agree with HALF of this. If someone was to draw something offensive to a specific race, religion, etc. I think someone has a reason to be offended. I get it if its like some fetish art, but seriously..
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Polarized-WolfHobbyist General Artist
People should be able to draw what they want.. Just as long as they actually put a mature tag on their stuff if it's inappropriate.
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LuciferianQueenStudent Digital Artist
Brilliant! I will humanize characters if I want!
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CatImAKittyKatStudent Writer
all the rabid anti-fetish people need to see this
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PartySplatHobbyist General Artist
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Aqua-Rose345Student Traditional Artist
I can relate
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quiq-ladStudent General Artist
I agree :-)
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moonrose96Hobbyist Writer
The same thing should go for what we write on fanfictionClap :) (Smile) 
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PsionicsKnightHobbyist Writer
This is, in my opinion, a pretty admirable feat; you did defend yourself well, while also giving very good reasons and saying that there is a limit. 
I'm terribly sorry if people have done this to you before. But I am glad you still handled it in a very mature and reasonable manner.
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Nice. Uh yeah but this stuff should not be allowed on DA.
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Well, it IS called DEVIANTart.
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Oh right....
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Yeah fuck DA and their wussy policies! :) I want :icongloverboy23: to draw more kid asses. :)
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Good, you've deactivated or found another place to be a pedo. Hentai Foundry would welcome you with open arms.
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KillerTeddyBear94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
right on :)
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SayonaraPsychopathyHobbyist General Artist
Omg that's something I would tell my friends
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XxInfamousWormxXHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna use it.
Because I'm totally free to draw what I like.
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Guilliman-HereticStudent General Artist
Nobody will. And if you go onto their page or their pictures saying "I'm offended" they're likely to draw said thing even more. That's just human psychology.
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Amy-Rose-AwesomenessStudent General Artist
omg im so glad i found this stamp XD ppl flame me sometimes cuz i draw amy rose, or i sometimes use a base because i need to kinda get use to drawing in a certain position!
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