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Marinette by Nokami-san

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cursebound by Nokami-san

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Based on this character: Sketch of My Original Character by Nokami-san

Chapter One


A young woman sat in rags, alone outside an abandoned church at dusk. She was seven months pregnant with her first child. It had been two and a half days since she ate her last meal- dried out seaweed from Hiram’s polluted harbor.

Hiram was a city on the brink of disaster. Every day, it would seem to have become even more over-crowded, run down, and dirty. Over the past 10 years, technology had been advancing significantly. As a relatively low-income city, Hiram didn’t benefit from this technology boom. Low-skill workers weren’t needed when a machine could do the job more efficiently and quicker. Factories were constantly towering over small homes and businesses.

The men that oversaw the factories in the burrows were appointed by Dukes. Dukes were decedents of the royal family or exclusively chosen by the king.

The middle and lower class areas had been becoming more dangerous. Gangs had been forming to rebel against the government, the upper class, and even other lower class citizens to steal goods to survive and spread terror. At this point the lower class don't even have a political/economic system anymore. The government couldn't afford to supply clean water in most areas.

You’d find a beggar trying to stay warm under old newspapers on almost every street corner. Slums were bad. Real bad.


Wrapped in a small piece of cloth, the young woman tried her best to fall asleep so she wouldn't have to feel the pain in her stomach. The stain glass windows of the church reflected the sun into her eyes.

She felt as if she were deteriorating, leaving her body within every breath she took…

She started hallucinating from dehydration. The sky was turning green, and the ground started to shake. Buildings started crumbling atop her, and things were getting dark.

“I’m a murderer,” she whispered to herself. “I couldn’t… even live long enough to give birth to my own child… I’m… weak,” she gasped.

“HELENA!!!” A voice screamed from the distance. Helena could barely lift her head to see the young boy approaching her. Her old friend came running.

The boy approached her sprinting as fast as he could, tripping on the cobblestone road multiple times. He was holding a large, torn up sack. As he got closer to her, he noticed how bad of a condition she was in. Dirt and scrapes covered her ghost-like skin. Although she was seven months pregnant, she still looked starved to death. He kneeled down aside her opening up the sack. It was filled with sour milk, stolen bread, and more dried seaweed from Hiram’s harbor.

With tears in his eyes, he ripped off a piece of the stale bread and fed it to her. He tried his best to look strong for her.

After a while he spoke. “Helena…this is all my fault,” he sniffled. “I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have left you here alone… either way I would’ve been too… I’m just too-”

Helena was too tired to speak, or even listen to what the boy was saying. The boy would’ve continued feeding her if she hadn’t fallen into a deep, peaceful slumber.


Chapter two


~Why do people find it so strange of me to not appreciate my current lifestyle? The way they see it, I want to be of an even higher status. I just want… a different one.~

It was a grey, gloomy Sunday afternoon in the country-side . A lone manor stood among 50 acres of dead grass and desolation. Although it always looked like it was about to rain, the clouds held their tears in.

The Manor of Burke was a proud estate. With 22 bedrooms (not including servants’ quarters) and 30 bathrooms it was well suited for a king.

Among the halls of the fine manor, a 12-year-old girl in a dark lavender dress, explored curiously. Burgandy drapes just barely touched the floor from the massive height of which they were hung. Portraits of past Dukes, Ladies, and Kings were placed on every free space of wall available. Arden was a child and had never been in such a large palace before.

Arden grew up in the prosperous neighborhood of Newford. Newford was a medium sized burrow that neighbored Hiram.

Because her mother died from child-birth, Arden was an only-child. Most mothers at that time and place had 7-8 children so she was often questioned of why she didn’t have any siblings.

Arden’s father was appointed by the Grand Duke to oversee Newford.

While living in Newford, Arden’s father often left the apartment complex in the servants’ care. He would go out and about for City Hall meetings, brunches, and sessions with the Grand Duke. Although she was rarely with him, Arden felt a close connection to him. He was her only blood-related family member she knew of that was left.

It was the best of times when he would come home late on cold winter nights, when the maids were asleep in their quarters and Arden would greet him at the front door with a hot cup of tea and smile as sweet as honey. The two of them would time with each other until the wee hours of the night, sharing stories and smiles. Those were only times in Arden’s life that she truly cherished.

One day, he never returned after going out.

Arden was sprawled out onto her bedroom floor, toying with an empty milk bottles. Arden had a collection of “bug bottles” buried in every corner of her room. They were everywhere- under pillows, window sills, and behind books on her shelf just to name a few of the many spots.

She vowed to release all off them in her step-sisters room someday.

She took the top of the milk bottle she was fiddling with and poked four small holes in with a pocket knife, dropping  2 cocroaches into the bottle. “If you two mate, you’ll be promoted to become generals of my army. Victory depends on your unborn cockroach babies, so mate my children, mate!”

Arden looked around her room and sighed. “That’s 14 in total now.” The corner of her eyes caught the clock. “Shit. I’m supposed to be downstairs for Kliyathorn’s birthday. I guess I can’t stall around forever.”

Kliyathorn’s 19th birthday had been meticulously planned for the past 9 months. She was in seek of a husband.

Arden walked into the ballroom slowly, taking in the captivating sight.

The ball room was ginormous. A crystal and gold chandelier was held on a ceiling at least 40 feet high. Dozens of tables with clean, white cloths complimented stunning, vibrantly colored flower centerpieces. The tables were arranged in a large circle so that dancing could take place in the center of the room. Light from the stained glass windows reflected off the shiny wooden floor. It all looked like it came out of a fairy tale.

Servants were hustling and bustling around each other to finish last-minute preparations, as Madame Vivian supervised. She was holding a plate of cookies.

“Arden!” Aunt Vivian called over. She sent a maid off to open the door for the first guests as Arden walked over. “Come over here at once.”

Arden approached Vivian, and just stood there.

“I want you to engage in this ball. Be more social-it won’t be too long before you’ll have to find yourself a husband as well.”

“I don’t want a husband,” She replied, starring at the floor. “And I don’t want to be here either.”

“Stop pouting and look lively. You’ve been raised in this palace for the past 6 month and all you do is mope and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. You would be out starving under some barnacle-covered dock in Hiram right now if it weren’t for us.”

Arden continued to stare at the floor.

Vivian sighed. She dropped the tin plate of shortbread cookies in Arden’s hands. “Offer these to the guests,” she demanded. She immediately dashed off again to welcome the first guests that arrived.

By the time 9 o’clock struck, Kliyathorn’s ball had reached its peak. At that point there were musicians playing a waltz as men and women danced across the floor. Others socialized as they sat at the tables.

Arden squeezed her way between aisles offering escargot on a silver platter.




She grabbed Arden by the arm with her fingers piercing into the young girl's skin, pulling her behind one of the columns in the ballroom. "Now listen here!" She snapped. "Today is your sister's birthday! Behave yourself and do what you are told for once. I'm tired of you acting like a brat all the time!" "If anyone's the brat here it's Kliyathorn," she sneered.

Vivian struck Arden with her cold right hand against her girl’s face. “Leave this estate. I’m sick of you and your unnecessary presence. You are not a part of our family and never were- I don’t care how close I was to your father.

Arden outside onto the white-painted, elegant porch. She sighed as she took a seat in a rocking chair and starred out into the open field that manor resided on. Starring at the tenebrous moor on that cool night alone was miserable. And that's when she saw tiny little fireflies illuminating the moor in the distance. It was as if child guardian angels were following each other, one by one. The angels crept closer and closer as if they were following one another. It was dark and the wind howled. Was the wind making the fireflies...flicker? Arden squinted as hard as she could, focusing on the twinkling lights. Those weren't fireflies. They we're men holding torches.

Horrified, Arden ran back inside. Men and women continued to dance as the music played on. Searching through the crowd, the young girl's eyes spotted Vivian and Kliyathorn, whom were both very drunk. She paused for a moment. Should I tell them? What good would they do? It's not like I care about them...but...

Arden started to hear voices yelling outside. Without another thought, she ran up the grand stair case, towards the West Wing of the manor, and into her room slamming the door closed. 

After locking the door, she exhaled a large amount of fear, with plenty still left inside her. It was cold and felt as if time had stopped. The moon reflected a dim light across the room. Arden walked towards her bed, reaching for the gun under her pillow. She crept towards the window peeking out of the lacy curtains. No one was outside.

BANG! Shots were being fired inside! The sounds of screams, laughs, glass breaking, and guns firing happened all at once.

She tried her best to not let emotion and fear get to her. Arden only had to put one thing on her mind- surviving.  It felt like hours as she sat behind her door, waiting to be discovered or be left to live.

The horrendous noises of murder raged on downstairs. It was as if they would never stop- the screams, and the merciless gun fires. Footsteps began marching up the stairs. Arden cocked the gun and held it close to her chest.

One by one, doors were being slammed open. Whoever these men were, they were looking for…something.

Suddenly, voices throwing arguments at each other could be heard, right outside Arden’s door. “What do you mean you can’t get it open?” a voice yelled. “You have to shoot the lock, moron,” another said.

Arden braced herself behind her bed, as a bullet shot through the lock, as well as the window above her head. Two men burst in the bedroom. The first one who had entred, perhaps in his mid 20’s, had darker hair. The other was a teenaged-looking red-head. He was holding the gun. They wore filthy, torn clothing and bared scratched up faces. They had to be from Hiram.

As they approached the back of the room, they saw Arden squished between the wall and halfway under the bed.

“Whoa! Hey, ain’t that the Duke’s daughter? Duhh…Kiya….Kliya…. Oh, oh ,oh! Kliyathorn, right?” The red-head questioned. The he approached her, with no hesitation and grabbed her tightly by the arm, forcing her to get up. He noticed her hand shaking with a gun and smirked. “Aww, looks like daddy gave her a little something so she could defend herself,” he laughed. Arden clenched the gun. “Is this thing even loaded?” he pestered on. The other man with dark hair kept a solemn, tired face. He looked at Arden, almost as if he were sad for her. “The sooner we bring back captives, the sooner we can eat so let’s just bring her back to the boss. Duke’s damsel is better than no Duke at all." The red-head kept one hand on Arden as he reached for her gun.

Adrenaline flowed throughout Arden. Without a second thought, she quickly pointed the gun at him, not even knowing where she was aiming, and pulled the trigger. The bullet must’ve hit an artery, as the blood gushed everywhere over her head, and staining her white dress. It was the first time human blood hit her skin. Its warmth sent a shiver down her spine.

She was breathing heavily, and her heart just kept thumping. A lump clogged her throat, and she felt like she was about to cry. She couldn’t comprehend fully of what she just did. She didn’t want to. She just took someone’s life, all under a minute.

 “MARCUS!” the man screamed. He took a half a second to put himself together. He shook off his fear and grabbed the gun from his dead friend’s hand. “S-shit, miss, c-calm down a sec-” he started.  She pointed the gun up towards his head with one hand, shaking slightly. The younger man was shaking, backing up slowly. The expression on her face was cold, and angry. He just didn’t know what to do in a situation like this. Would she really shoot me? He asked himself. No way, she’s probably just scarred. She’s a little girl. He took a step towards her and gave a nervous smile. “Look, s-sorry for frightening you, miss. Let’s just put that gun-” Arden cocked the gun and then secured it with both of her hands. “Stay away from me.” She jeered, trying to hide her fear. “If my finger makes the slightest slip, you’re as good as dead.” Her hands weren’t shaking as much anymore. A bead of sweat trickled down the man’s head as he stood there, with his dark brown eyes pinned onto Arden. A man’s voice interrupted from outside Arden’s room. “Hey, Louie, did you find the Grand Duke he’s not down there. Louie? Ya in there?”
Request #8 - Arden by nlia2269

 And with that brief distraction Louie cocked the gun and shot Arden’s left knee.  She screamed in terror as she towered over herself on the floor. She whimpered in pain.

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Hey guys so I am 320 points away to getting a premium membership and I really need to change my name for my business cards!!! Anyone that is willing to donate I am offering free commissions/art as well as sketches. It's like $2 that I need irl money. Thank you to anyone who donates this is really important to me.


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Commissions are open!!Commissions are back open!!! YAY!! Bunny Emoji-30 (I'm cute) [V2] 
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Commissions are open!!

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Commissions are back open!!! YAY!! Bunny Emoji-30 (I'm cute) [V2] 




*Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) Full Body Color ($35/3500 points)
 FANCY Background + ($10/1000 points)
Additional characters vary on size and detail. ^_^


Deliah (Contest Entry) by Nokami-san

simple background
Mysa Commission by Nokami-san

Froggy Emoji-59 (Being kawaii) [V3]3/4 Body Colored ($25/2500 points)

Water color style are the same price!!  Painter 
Deep in Wonderland... by Nokami-san

Normal style!! Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 

(CONTEST ENTRY) I get to play outside!! by Nokami-san

Game character #1 by Nokami-san

Sailor Scouts ready for Adventure Time by Nokami-san

Lapis Lazuli by Nokami-san

There are small rewards for donating. Thank you a million times in advance if you decide to help!!

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3000 points giveaway

Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] +[F2U] Commission: open+ by Hunibi
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