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Not really leaving but not really staying??

Not really leaving but not really staying??

Well Eclipse is here and in all honesty I don't really mind it. Yea, it's kinda ugly but eh I'll warm up to it soon :/ And anyone that's familiar with me knows that i prefer posting elsewhere than here XDD coughttwittercough There's honestly not much left for me here on dA since I managed to connect with most friends and mutuals via Discord and other places but I'll keep and post on this account for RP purposes. Basically expect either low quality sketches or art trades/raffle gifts/commissions. I still won't be posting here often since I find it more comfortable to post on other sites mainly because it's FAAAARRRRRRRRRR easier to get feedback or noticed on them. Also being on dA just gives me bad flashbacks of dark days that I'm still trying to move on from despite it already been 5 years since that happened 8') Basically, not really leaving but I'll be around more someplace else. Aite time for some shameless plugs //KICKEDHITHIT Come and follow me on Twitter @ deeenkei for more
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My Bio

Mirai | 26+ | Oct 2nd | Libra | She/Her | INTP-T

Just a plain old traditional pencil hobby art person who loves Jpop, makes too many OCs and has a bachelors in Child Development. Love playing and talking about VN games, such as Andromeda Six, The Arcana, Stellamore, 1001 Days, When The Night Comes, etc. and also CoGs. Is also a huge fan of RWBY, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Pretty Cure and Miraculous Ladybug.

I'm currently an active moderator of a Visual Novel Discord server.

My Toyhouse:

My Itchio:

My Main MCs: Kihari Yuuko (The Arcana fan apprentice), Tatiana Peg'asi (Andromeda Six fan traveler), Saepora Ohendine (Stellamore fan oracle), Hunter Stone

Fave Characters: Qrow Branwen (RWBY), Damon Reznor (Andromeda Six), Portia Devorak (The Arcana), August Willenheim (When the Night Comes), Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

My Discord dA Friends: Glory- @Glory-a, Rachel- @Paintriaz, Deen- @Deenkei

Favourite Visual Artist
Deli, Aaliyah_draws, & Willowwish64
Favourite Movies
Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), Aladdin (1992), The Princess and the Frog, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter (film series)
Favourite TV Shows
RWBY, Doctor Who, TMNT (2003), Star Wars Rebels, Generator Rex, Miraculous Ladybug, Steven Universe, Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, Attack on Titan, Pretty Cure, AKB0048, Codename: Kids Next Door
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
AmaLee, NateWantsToBattle, Caleb Hyles, Arashi, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Utada Hikaru, AKB48, Evanescence, Linked Horizon, Breaking Benjamin, Ke$ha
Favourite Games
Andromeda Six, The Arcana, Stellamore, 1001 Days, The Neptune Diaries, Our Life, When The Night Comes, Errant Kingdom
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Medibang Paint Pro
Other Interests
CoGs (Choice of Games), Pokemon, Japan, Disney/Pixar, Jpop, Markiplier, Funassyi, Bionicle

Can't stay, I'm leaving... Goodbye~!

Can't stay, I'm leaving... Goodbye~!

Alright so um, sorry guys but I'm leaving DeviantArt...again. I just honestly do not feel that there's anything keeping me from being here anymore. I no longer see any reason why I should remain and continue to share my art and OCs. Now I'm not upset or anything, I just have been really preoccupied with other things outside of DeviantArt. And it's been making me feel rather less passionate, motivated, or interested in wanting to stay or be more active on dA, that's all. Instead, I have always felt this uncomfortable feeling that I am very much out of place here that I do not belong. Now, I have already gotten connected with a very few close friends here from dA on Discord, and have made a bunch more amazing friends on Discord too, so there's really nothing holding be back from wanting to leave dA. I'll still be keeping my dA here for a little while longer though, however it'll be very VERY placed on inactive hiatus, just so that any more friends can stay in contact with me on
I honestly prefer dA Eclipse than the original version. I've been using Eclipse ever since I returned to using dA and I never went back. Plus I had tons more of computer virus issues with the previous version on various computers I had prior to my h

What do you guys want to see me do?! Pls comment!

What do you guys want to see me do?! Pls comment!

Hey everyone!! Quick question: What do all of you guys want to see do here?! Do you want to see me do more of my art? Want to see, hear, ask about my OCs? Read my fanfiction or worldbuilding info writings? Anything at all??!! Would you rather see me post my art and OCs here on dA? Or would you rather have me invite you to my friends only Discord server, where we can talk and share art and OCs more easily? Please comment on what you guys want. Not gonna lie, I'm still seriously thinking about leaving. Simply because I no longer feel like there's a reason that I'm being held to stay here. 11 out of 12 voted for me to not want to delete my dA, and I'm really curious to know why before doing so. Also... side note... I still do not have any motivation or encouragement to get back into drawing. But, I'm still in the mood (or whatever creative mood I have left) to talk, share, and ask about OCs/MCs! So while i'm still working on my MC's character profiles... please ask me any questions

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