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Popstories (Ninja Lessons)

Because Fruit Ninja is HARD.

Anyway, I've had this idea for a while, but never got to actually draw it. So, here you have a very sketchy version drawn in 1-2 hours! I am a dummy! seriously it's 2:00 here I should be sleeping DX
Also, I was originally planning to turn Popstories into a comic with an actual storyline and many characters, but I guess that won't happen after all XD
By the way, which island should I do next? I'd like to get some ideas for future strips. :) (Smile)

Popstores (c) Me
Poptropica (c) Jeff Kinney Group

Off to bed now! :sleepytyper: 
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Hehehe this story. X3 .
The great effects... I like how this is so awesome at the beginning with the action motion and then the pose, but then after that, lol. :lol:

I could maybe say more, but I actually can't because I don't know about what this might be from... I mean, I heard of Fruit Ninja, and then Popstores is yours but Poptropica I dunno, so... :slow: :shrug:
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Thank you XD I'm a huge fan of 'plot twists' like this. If I'm gonna make a short comic strip, I have to make it worth it, right? I am a dummy!

Yeah, I'd be pretty confused too Sweating a little... Basically, Poptropica is a computer game, and these series of comics I'm making (Popstories) are inspired by the little adventures you have in that game... There have some pretty inspiring moments in there. x3
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An apple a day makes the doctor go away! (Or however the saying goes XP)
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With the power of fruits!!!
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Dan, dan, daaaan! EVIL Laughter! 
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I should've seem that coming. :XD:
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Moral of the story: never trust old men. XD 
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By the power of the sweet and nutritious, you shall be vanquished! OMG - Watch that 
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XD Just yes.
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Now I wish that was part of the island.
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Could be worse- you could've had to fix a brick wall...

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