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After all this time I decided to draw some sort of cover for the 1914 doujin.
The first idea was to draw ALL countries featured in the comic, but, geez, I have a life and, at the very end, a cover for this was completely unnecessary since I´m not going to publish (?) this or whatever. Some people asked me why I hadn´t drawn a cover and the answer was, because I´m the laziest thing at this side of river Mekong. Problem? ;-p

Anyway, this is how it finally turned out. Main actors in the 1914 conflict are featured here: French Republic, British, German and Russian Empires, and Austria-Hungary. Why did I draw Serbia then? Because I like that character, and I find him quite relevant in the previous happenings to WWI.

As trivia, first title of doujin was going to be "War of Illusions", as this is how frequently called the year of 1914 in History Books. Countries do not feel worried about war but anxious and happy, because they still think this is a war like all the others. WWI is an Imperialist war, a fight among giants which is considered, in many aspects, the last war of Nineteenth Century.
I changed the title because it sounded bit... stoopid.

Linearts are available if you want to use them for anything

(I´ll try to upload the others later)
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It looks great. I'll read the story. Nice work with the cover. :)
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Gracias :) Aunque cambié la portada... Esa es la antigua.
Un saludete!
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PrincessAutumnArcherStudent General Artist
This is so gorgeous! I love how you captured their character and personalities so well in their expressions. I could just stare at it for hours! Or maybe I could make better use of the time by actually reading this lovely comic...
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lmbrakeHobbyist Digital Artist
Everyone is classy as fuck in this. :XD: I love it!
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Wow, it looks great, I like the drawing and coloring style plus the idea of showing the characters in photographs (the coloring does match the period as well)^^ !

Yeah, drawing all the countries involved in the Great War in one cover would be a lot of work (Europe, Africa, Asia, America) ...

I think the depictions fit the characters/countries very well:
the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, a double-monarchy with a long history,
the Russian Empire seeing itself as the protector of the slavs which includes Serbia,
the German Empire as the "late" nation, facing it's first major european conflict and heavily influenced by prussian consciousness and ambition,
the, just like in phantasy, endlessly glorious seeming British Empire and
the French Republic, an established power seeing the chance of regaining former glory.

A Hetalia doujin about the First World War ? I'm eager how it turned out^^
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Thank you so much for feedback ;)
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You're welcome^^ ! I really like your work^^
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EPH-SAN1634Hobbyist General Artist
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This is just so full of win. I think the period of time between 1871-1918 gets so little attention nowadays it's quite sad.
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TakeoruHobbyist Writer
I love Ludwig's face expression- and Gilbert is just keseses... :D
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I love how you put in the lion and unicorn as a representation of the animals on the British royal coat of arms. So majestic. Austro-Hungary look just fantastic as well.
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RatsisterStudent Traditional Artist
Seriously, I absolutely love this! Can't even express how much!
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Sad thing 1918, the only one smiling in those pics would be France. :(
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Really? France was devastated. It lost the most people on the Western front out of anyone and much of it's own eastern lands were reduced to a bombed out wasteland. In fact, it was so bad that the single country of France lost more people than the entire British Empire combined.

I don't think any of these people would be smiling in 1918.
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It'd be more of a VERY bittersweet smile. France technically "won" the War. Which isn't saying much when a good chunk of your people are dead, your allies are either pissed off or gone Communist and your enemies are planning to take their revenge in a few decades time beginning with Poland. :(
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JellybeamHobbyist General Artist
I didn't know that about the first War being called of "War of Illusions", what a interesting thing.And this cover is simply AWESOME! (Prussia mode on) ^^
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I really like this cover, and the scrap-book style of it all! Their facial expressions are priceless (though I'd believe that Serbia would look a tad bit more worried/serious than he does in the picture.) I think the posing of France with the pistol and the rose is extremely appropriate, since at the time when WWI started France was preoccupied with a scandal that involved the wife of a politician shooting a newspaper editor (amongst other things.) I like how Germany looks a bit nervous (his first big war as a unified country and all) but Prussia is being all cool and posing for the picture. :D Overall, very nice piece, and one of my favourite times in history to read about (not because I'm glad it happened or anything, but, you know... it's interesting.) I need to read your doujin sometime! I've seen various pages of it but can't find the first page XD ( I'm inept like that)
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It's great! I love historically accurate drawings and this is one of my favourites.
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X-I-L2048Hobbyist General Artist
The amount of details you've put into the uniforms and poses is amazing! :iconsobeautifulplz:
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Fabulous. I love the old photograph style and the uniforms and the symbolism. All of it is amazing.
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You're welcome!
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