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NoiseLess RetroFit Actions


Some actions I made. Preferably used for photos with already decent contrast to change colors and moods of the photograph/image. I would love if people noticed and used these. This pack contains three actions.

red | blue

green | gold

purple | gold

Please fav and download them. Don't be afraid to comment either! If you do happen to use them for something really cool, I would appreciate a link back to my actions. Spreading the love!

The stock picture I used was a wonderful photo called 13 by ~rollerbrush.

I would also like to thank 161before for noticing I had 5000 page views. Much love man!

view my other actions:

fidelity actions.

0.1 retro

0.2 retro

action gallery: [link]

View my Profile for my latest work.

For more of my art and art progress, visit my tumblr blog! [link]

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awesome effects

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I'm so glad I found this set again. It's one of my favourite action packs ever, and I especially like the Cyan/Gold action. 

Please keep making more. Your work is phenomenal!
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Thank you so much!
Very beautiful **
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These are very nice :D
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Very nice work..It looks like you are picturing the super model. .Great job!
This looks just like what I would like to learn. Very nice!
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Great!! Thank you
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I rarely use actions like this, but loved yours.…
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I have to say Cyan/Gold is the best action ever. It is my favorite action ever. I have downloaded actions from a lot of sources and there is no one compared to this one! It looks great on every picture. 
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Very beautiful :)
Great! Tx for sharing!
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Hello, I featured this here [link] :wave: Thank you !! :love:
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^_^ Great Action Thanks!!
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Request for the permission to include your NoiseLess RetroFit Actions in our book.

Dear Noise-Less,

My name is Yoshi Matsusawa of Frogdesign, Japan. I'm writing here to ask you for your permission to include your NoiseLess RetroFit Actions in the book we are currently preparing to be published by MdN Corporation, Inc. in Japan for graphic designers and artists. In this book, we don't just list actions but show the readers actual art samples which are composed using the actions in effective ways. The book is accompanied with DVD-ROM which contains fonts data and graphic art materials used in the book.

Please note;
1. We would put author's name and the site's URL in the book.
2. We'd like to know if commercial use of the NoiseLess RetroFit Actions is allowed.
3. What are the conditions for the use of the NoiseLess RetroFit Actions if any, like the users need to include the credit in their works and/or need to contact the author?
4. Please provide us your mailing address if you wish to receive a copy when printed.

We would appreciate your consideration and cooperation very much.
Please contact me regarding this matter.

Best wishes,

Yoshi Matsusawa

Yoshiaki Matsusawa
Frogdesign, Inc.
thanks mate. Nice works.
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Thanks for sharing your amazing free actions with us. We have showcased your amazing Photoshop actions in my roundup and I hope that you will like them. To download these action people will visit your page, So you can get full credits.

500+ Free Photoshop Actions For Photographers.

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