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Better Watch It I May Suplex You
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Wash Those Hands!

Wash Those Hands! by NoireComicsStudio, visual art


Spicy Wrestling Tales! - Banner! by NoireComicsStudio, visual art

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My Bio

Commissions is how I help pay the bills!

See below for more info!!

My husband (@Charlierock2) doesn't do commissions or get online!

I create thick and curvy girls with NOT a lot of muscle tone.

Honestly I prefer sticking with the body type I am working towards in rl!

It's more motivating to reach my goals...

When I see & create these body types!

I also find it much more attractive!

I also do wrestling and pinup photos and other random stuff!

I'm also a Housewife who loves my husband with all my heart!

We celebrated our 16 yrs of being married February 14th/21!

I graduated from wrestling school in 2019!

Reason I am super picky with my wrestling images!

Creating the holds to be exact true by the book holds!

My husband and I create, write, our own short stories and comics!

Click here for more info, Also stay tuned here!

All our work, character names & designs are ©®™ are to us!

Even my name is ©®™ is copyrighted to me!


Spicy Wrestling Tales 3

  • *WARNING* - I am also very vocal about my opinion on things!

Example: I get asked about making more buff beefy muscled girls!

  • I don't make them because I don't find it attractive!

  • I don't even like a lot of muscles on guys, dad bod all the way!

Huge THANK YOU to all my watchers, I appreciate all your support!


Favourite Visual Artist
My husband Charlierock2 - Exp when he does his art of me! It's really enjoyable & motivating as I continue working towards my goals!
Favourite Movies
To many to name here..... But I been really loving Marvel Movies!
Favourite TV Shows
Action/Comic Related/Horror/Cartoons Pretty much anything. Netflix/Amazon Prime = WIN!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rock/Punk/Metal/Alternative mainly, but I will put up with anything as long as it's not RAP!
Favourite Books
Cookbooks, Comics as well as RL Stine Books & Bunnicula series.
Favourite Writers
My husband Charlierock2
Favourite Games
City Of Heroes/Final Fantasy XIV/World of Warcraft/Diablo3
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Paints/Markers/Daz3d/Colored Pencils/Camera
Other Interests
Online Games, Taking Pictures, Art, Cooking, Baking and more!

Commissions - Yes I do Them!

We don't do...

Requests, trades, gifts, collabs, ideas, RP & we don't do free!


Commissions is how I help pay the bills!

My husband (Charlierock2) doesn't do commissions or get online, he hardly has time to do art for his own enjoyment because his day job keeps him busy!

We also don't do video games/comics or any of that, that stuff gets tricky with copyright and it would just be too much hassle not to mention time and money on both sides for us and the person asking because those things can't be done for cheap.

We have our own series that we do together which is a ®™© to US, which is something we paid for back when we first started doing all our series' & works!

We also for a series of images WILL NOT write a story, so keep that in mind! We just do the art, if you want a story to go with it, that would be on YOU!

I can do commissions and work on those when Charlie is at work (unless its a commission or something we are working on together, which happens) But when he is home we will be working on stuff together or gym etc etc  You get the idea... But commissions are how I help pay the bills!

Please note I will not rush my work either I do have to balance wrestling school, wrestling shows I work, gym training, and spending time with Charlie/Family & friends. So if you wish for a commission and can be patient, let's talk!

Please Note: Reason I take my time and do what I do the best I can do is also because I have trained in professional wrestling, I am picky and do by the book holds/moves and want things to be perfect as I can make them so you can enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it!

Depending on what you want is what it will cost if I need to buy extra items, etc. so again let's chat and we will work out a price!

Usually how the timeline with commissions is as follows:

  • We talk about the commission you are requesting, character design, clothes, hair and poses, and so forth... you get the idea.

  • After we come to an agreement on what you want I will send you the price. Again all prices DO vary because of what is requested! If you agree on the price, I will send our PayPal information. Please send it as a friend... if you send it as goods we will get charged a fee then id have to charge more to offset the fee. Depending on what time of the year it is you could always add a note "Merry Christmas" or whatever lol

  • Once I receive payment I will create the character(s) you have requested in a sized-down T pose. I will then send you a render of the character(s) if all is well and you are happy with what you see... Then I will put the character(s) in whatever setting and so forth that you requested and finish & postwork & everything I do to make it pretty.

  • Then I will send you the final image once it's totally complete. I upload the final image to my stash, once you save it, it will be removed from my stash.

As well as when I do commissions if it's not seen on my page I won't do it.

Examples are as follows:

  • Blood

  • Bruises

  • Crotch Shots

  • Peril

  • Death

  • Naked - There is a fine line, topless yes but all in all there is no way I am able to prove that the person asking for the commission is 18+. So NO it's just something that won't be done

  • Sex fights - Same as above re: 18+ so again, no.

  • Male vs Female - I can't stress enough that hubby & I aren't fans of M/F fights. As a person that had to deal with an abusive father and ex-boyfriend back ages ago... this isn't normally something id do, but depending on what it is I "might" make an exception but guess it will depend on my current mood, so don't be afraid to ask

  • Under 18

  • Torture

  • Certain kinds of domination (whips, chains, etc, just wrong)

  • Odd requests like toilet/poo/pee/bloody mess stuff are just nasty

  • Super Huge Muscle Women, there is a limit, please be realistic!! When I say HUGE I mean oversized to the point where you can't see most of them and it causes massive bleed through and its not workable!

  • MMA/Boxing I do like the stare down so you may see that from time to time), nothing against those that do enjoy these things, It's just not my my area with my art!

Thanks for reading and hope to make you something you will enjoy soon!

ps.. Be advised all work created by us is copyrighted, trademarked, and registered to us. We paid to have this completed back when we first started doing our artwork Theft is not tolerated, fan art is okay, use of our characters are not allowed without our permission If you do request we use one of our characters for a commission be advised you must say so where you post it We will also make sure that our copyright for our character is represented on the finished work. Thanks for understanding!

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First off I want to say, welcome to my new watchers and thank you! Also huge thank you to our long time watchers! We appreciate all of you and your support these last almost 6 years!! Second... I know this is quite a read but most of it is the covers/burbs for each of our issues! The reason I write this today is because I have had a few people ask about our series Spicy Wrestling Tales! This is a series my husband @Charlierock2 & I came up with starting in 2017! We wanted to create a wide variety of wrestling stories in many genres using a pulp style and give you all something fun to read and enjoy at reasonable pricing. So Spicy Wrestling Tales was born! You can find our works here in PDF you also must be logged in to see the listings due to adult content, you been warned! Our ISSUE 0 is our *FREE* issue that you can get at the above link! It is our ONLY free issue, the rest you have to pay
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Got my 2nd COVID shot Been dealing with sleepy/chills/aches But I will be fine Just glad to have it done!
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Female Fighters! V2!
Female Fighters! V2!
Female Fighters!
Female Fighters!
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