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As tragic as this is...I'm going to leave dA.

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 16, 2012, 4:07 PM
I know, its very sad. I've been....thinking about this for some time, but honestly...I've made the descision. This place was pretty much my home, and I've left before as NekoGoddess. I'm going to leave once again, but for different and several reasons. I know many of you will be sad, but just let me explain.

1.) dA just isn't about the art anymore.
I feel like these days, dA has totally lost its magic. Years ago dA wasn't just about getting recognition. Now it's all about being on the front page, and being popular. These days in order to get noticed more and get a SHIT load more views in a short amount of time, is to do fanart, and many artists dont even WANT to do fanart, and like being original. Sadly, original artists don't get much recognition. I dont mean original as in, "original anime". I mean artists that have a TOTALLY different perspective in art, something that isnt anime or anything mainstream. dA depresses me more and more when I submit and even look around in art. I notice that there are artists that have only up to 20-200 views, and been there for more than I have, and they draw beautifully. And then you got people, drawing something anyone would recognize, or even something STUPID and not artistic at all, or something very pornographic, horrible anatomy...getting on the front page. It doesn't make sense. It depresses me a lot, because not only do I work mostly on my art, trying to improve, I get only a handful of you guys commenting and some viewing. I KNOW I have more watchers, but a buttload of them dont even look at my art or comment. I know I sound bitchy, but I'm only speaking my mind. And people who get on the front page are mostly the people who AAAAAAALWAYS get on the front page. I remember trying to get my art noticed on the front page in this one group, but every time I get shunned because it isn't "Something that they'd expect or see in the front page." AND YET, they'd let something...without much EFFORT slide in the front page. Maybe its not JUST them, I Think it's also the damned community itself. Letting people who dont do much effort or people who try too hard get so popular, while people who actually draw for their SOUL not their POPULARITY or FETISHES, hardly get noticed...I can't keep coming back dissapointing myself when I do something I am very proud of, and then getting lesser and lesser views and comments. I know you guys are busy but it's not YOU, dA has BEEN this way for me for sooooo long so I'm not BLAMING my watchers. I'm glad that some of you are SO loyal and stick with me, even when I quit pokemon. I really admire that, and I thank you SO much for those of you that actually watch my art and comment or just check it out when youve got the time. Im so sorry you have to hear me bitching, but I'm...really tired of being dissapointed.

2.) I feel that I'm not concentrating ENOUGH on my works, and I'm paying too much attention to submitting on dA. It's like I'm forcing myself to submit art just so that my page is active, and it happens a lot too. But there are times where I really dont know what to put, and I get depressed. And Its just, I NEED to concentrate on my works and OUR story more than this site. I feel like this site is in the way of me achieving my goals in life and art, and I feel like it's also making me more and more down about what I do. I NEED to focus and this site just isnt helping.

3.) I really don't like how this site works. The administors are assholes who don't even (THATS RIGHT, I INSULTED YOU AND I DONT CARE) check out the issues that occur between deviants CAREFULLY, they just assume things and blatantly ban people. That is ONLY making problems worse. And on top of that, when you're getting STALKED on this site, and you notify the administor, it takes (FOR SOME REASON) MONTHS for them to actually REPLY. What the HELL? What if someone got KILLED by the stalker who tracked that someone down in those months? Who's fault is it now? I'm saying this because I've had SEVERAL PEOPLE ATTEMPTING TO STALK ME on dA. And I'd notify the admins to ban them and give them PROOF, but then, they don't reply. One time I notified back in I Think...October? And guess what. I got a note back around March. What the hell...The people running this site are lazy and careless. If you are going to be busy all day, DONT BE A MOD OR ADMIN! We need people who have the TIME to be a mod or admin then!

4.) This site, is a fucking business site. It's more and more of a business with each passing day. What I really don't understand, is that art is about creativity, it doesnt have to be all about money money money money. It pisses me the hell off. For example, when I use to run dA groups, It would take like...about 50$ to get a SUPER group. And then it lasts next year or about 2 years. WHAT THE HELL? You pay around 20$ to get more than a year sub in normal account, (I cant remember if its more, but I know it's a HELL LOT CHEAPER THAN 50$) and yet, you have to pay 50$ for a super group which only lasts a year? What's with that? It's bullshit! And if you're really desperate, you have to pay for adcast to get your art noticed. A lot of people here are TEENAGERS. WHAT MONEY DO THEY HAVE?

I KNOW This is the biggest most popular art site in the world, but it's starting to become to worst. Even COLLEGE PROFFESSORS DONT RECOMMEND THIS SITE FOR CRITIQUES AND ART VIEWING! That's how LOW this site has become! I'm just really tired of it, guys. I'm sick of being dissapointed all the time. Sick of it all. I'm going to keep my page, but I'm not going to have my art viewed here. The reason why is because when I leave for a while, people are likely to come here and steal or rip off my art. And I REALLY dont want that to  happen. I work HARD and I dont want some lazy bitch ripping off of my shit, or stealing. My art is precious to me. And this site is FUUUUUUUUUULL of thieves, which is ANOTHER reason why I'm leaving.

If you want to check my stuff out or ask me anything, talk to me, whatever you want, I'll be on TUMBLR:

I may come back but I'm pretty sure it wont be anytime soon. I'm really sorry...that I have to leave you guys, especially those of you who actually loved me and my art and are probably really sad that I'm going away. Im sorry that you had to hear me saying all this and you probably feared that I'd leave...Thank you SO much those of who you recently watched me, faved my stuff, and those of you who always checked my stuff out, commented, or at least TRIED to or even THOUGHT about it on your days...I really appreciate the support. Ive been thinking about this for a while, so it' was hard for me to leave. But I thought and thought and I just....had to make the descision. As selfish as this sounds, dont kill me but its for the best. I'm not ready for this damn site, and our :iconariesnyuratik: story isnt ready either. If I do come back, it will be when we finally got a story plotted, characters done, or at least a damn lot of it. We're not close to it, and we really need the time to focus. This site is getting in the way. Its like...we always worry about posting, when we know we shouldnt but its a huge burden. This is...honestly for the best. I'm really, really sorry.

Farewell, you guys. I'm not deactivating my account. I dont know if i'll return or not. So I'm keeping it. I dont want to like...start over if I do return. Its a huge pain.

...Goodbye, my darklings.

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Come back.
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...happy early birthday.
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Happy Birthday, Punz! (are you alright?)
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So I see you changed your name.
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