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Don't worry guys, deadline is on 25th May(you can submit your works today, until the midnight -10 UTC - so basicly until 25th ends for good on the whole world), but also I'll be arranging the list for judges on Monday, so if someone needs time to tweak their entry you can still send me it on 26th May (just please give me heads up via note, so I can know for whom I should wait a little). Good luck!

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue


A lot of people asked me if I could extend the contest deadline, so here it is! You can post your entries until 25th May :)




There are two contest topics to choose from:

1. Draw a scene from my visual novel.
- You get 20 :points: for that entry.
- It needs to be a scene from 'Mirage Noir Prologue' story.
- That's why you need to play the game. You can download it here:…
- It should have a background
- You can draw this entry only once

2. Draw a character (or characters) from my game listed below:
- You get 10 :points: for that entry.
- You can draw one or multiple characters on one entry.
- No limit on entry count (thought you can get points only for the first three submissions)


Vesper - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Vienna - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Noire - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Aria - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Assan - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Althea - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Idris - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Sigrun - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Charon - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Wolfsbane - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Heather - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Hawthorn - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Faina - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Cattleya - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Leander - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Kerria  - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Vitis - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Bes - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Myo - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Syanrea - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Queen of Rats - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Rivalen - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Heliane - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Ebola - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan Canth - Character Card by Noire-Ighaan


1. In order to submit your entry join this group :iconthe-black-mirage: and post it to the folder called 'CONTEST 2014' ->…

2. I have 10,000 :points: for guaranteed prizes, please keep the track of the point counter that is on top of this journal.

3. You are allowed to use any drawing technique that you want (digital, traditional, sculpting, etc) and you may draw in any style that you want (manga, realistic, comic etc.)

4. Character should remain humanoid.

5. No bases, no tracing or stolen artwork may be used.

6. You can draw three paid entries max (ofcourse you can draw more than three entries, but I won't give you points for them).

7. You can draw them in diffrent outfits since their character designs are not pernament. I might change something about their apperance if I'll see a design I like.

8. Money will be sent via Pay Pal

9. The rules may be expanded in the future


- 200$ or 16,000 :points:

- 100$ or 8,000 :points:

- 50$ or 4,000 :points:

- 5x 1 year premium membership or 2,400 :points: for intermediate artists
I will judge entry by the idea/design/effort, not advanced skills.
When the contest will end I will pick 50 entries and make voting polls to choose the winners. Five people can win this prize.

- 5x 3 month premium membership or 700 :points: for begginer artists
I will judge entry by the idea/design/effort, not advanced skills.
When the contest will end I will pick 50 entries and make voting polls to choose the winners.Five people can win this prize.

© 2014 - 2021 Noire-Ighaan
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KarnivalKun's avatar
The second! Thank you so much, again :)
Galaxia-sama's avatar
Też chętnie bym się zgłosiła jeśli nie ma restrykcji wiekowych albo czegoś podobnego ^^
Keith-Julian's avatar
Here are my entries.. Hope u like it... ^_^


Hope u like it... :)
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Naxy-ah's avatar
Here my second entry for your contest :…
Hope you like it ^^
talitapersi's avatar
I did this on friday, so ... n_n byebye!♥
Kimberly-chan13's avatar
Its the very first time I drew this type of thing & used shading pencils... :D
Here's my entry:…
Zolombo's avatar
I've finished the picture. I'm not good at drawing people but i've tried.…
mrokat's avatar
Tradycyjne pytanie: dziś do północy czy jeszcze cały 25 na zamieszczenie pracy? :>
Noire-Ighaan's avatar
Cały 25 maj + kończy się z czasem amerykańskim (wiec praktycznie konczy się 26 maja ok 9 :) )
mrokat's avatar
*ociera pot z czoła* Zawsze to samo, szkic leży przez dwa tygodnie a potem strach oblatuje :P
Dzięki za odpowiedź :) 
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Frills-Of-Justice's avatar
hey! Can I know what time zone your in so I know exactly when the entry is due?
Noire-Ighaan's avatar
It's finished when 25th May ends in all timezones - so for Australia it ends on 26th May :)
Frills-Of-Justice's avatar
oh thank you! ahhh but that's today....Does it finish at midnight? I hope I can submit something on time ;___;
Noire-Ighaan's avatar
You can still send me it on 26th if you need some time :)
Frills-Of-Justice's avatar
Nicolaas-G's avatar
With only two days left and the end in sight...I'm gonna give it an absolute go :D
arinasei's avatar
hope i can participate ///v///
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