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.Mirage Noir. Paw

This is something I usually don't draw at all :D Thus, drawing her took me 666h
I was hestitating for so long to start drawing her, at one point I even wanted to drop the idea of Paw having a sprite.
Yet, there she is :D

Paw is © to me
She's a character from my visual novel. (Vienna's familiar)
You can play the newest part here:…
You can download the demo for the upcoming chapter here:…
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© 2016 - 2021 Noire-Ighaan
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Fantastic work, beautiful!
Silkenvixen's avatar
An interesting number of hours it took you  ;)
And she's beautiful!
Noire-Ighaan's avatar
Haha, thank you :)
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What an amazing drawing of an amazing and beautiful creature! :)
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Very impressive look... keep it up. Broken heart Anime Invader Zim 
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Wonderful wonderful work. 
Finward's avatar
Excellent work! It reflects the nature of the big cat!
Thank you so much for Lamu!
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Hypnotic, beautiful.
Lunanorth101's avatar
wow its beautiful 
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Wow, she's so pretty! I love her face and those eyes... beautiful ;P
Foxes-of-the-void's avatar
This is VERY well coloured and detailed, I truly tip my hat to your patience!
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So Cute..really great Work
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She's so beautiful!
Dragonis96's avatar
She is beautiful as she runs through the snowstorm. I especially like her shining eyes *-* very realistic
Love the drawing!
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There is so much to love about this :) The depth perception is awesome to me, and how the snow is out of focus and emphasizing the subject. Sweet gradual fade!
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