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Uranus Dawn

By noil-doof
Sunrise over Uranus.
Made from cloud stock photos, and sun halo done in HaloSim.
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Simply great and beautiful! :)
Pineapple-Insurance's avatar
This is beautiful. It's a shame that pictures depicting the worlds of the gas giants are so rare!
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I know, I wish there were more of Saturn and Neptune. :( Saturn's rings would be gorgeous to see from the upper atmosphere.
thetitanium's avatar
Few people make such realistic and beautiful cloud effects on such topics; the only other piece I know that matches this in majesty would be Sirgerg's "Shadow of Io".
noil-doof's avatar
Well, I used several stock cloud photos that I edited together. Might try something different next time though. :)
thetitanium's avatar
Regardless, it looks great here.
thetitanium's avatar
To be honest, this has to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
Brassthorax's avatar
This picture is my new desktop background.
noil-doof's avatar
Glad you like it. :)
Pescean's avatar
Wow... incredible job. You're amazing....
TerranAbassador's avatar
This is beautiful. Faved.
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I have to say, this concept is a real nice idea, and it looks pretty good so far! I'm impressed. :)
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No problem. :-)
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