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i always used to like the fog. we never got it much it town, norcal valley being three steps from a desert sometimes and all. it wasn't just the feel of the water in the air, it was also the mystery i guess. i couldn't see more then a few hundred feet without things starting to blur. and behind that was just the gray mist. what i liked most about this feeling was feeling i was living on a piece of paper. like how in a story book you focus on what is around the character, the house, maybe the trees in the distance, but nothing beyond that. you don't focus on the mountains on the distance, the blue of the sky, no you focus on the immediate surroundings, focus on the individual and his reactions to his environment and his thoughts and so on. fog gave me that feeling. not much to look at outside, just the white and the street, and it made me feel like i was living on a piece of paper on someone's desk, just some story they started typing out for fun. i can't say why i liked this feeling

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