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The grandpa duck man tutorial

The steps here is if you have photoshop 7 and i am guessing you know a bit about Photoshop 7 already

1. Open the 2 images. I used "Old image" and "ducky" from the photoshop 7.0/samples folder.

2. Enter "quick mask" mode

3. Select just the head

4. go back to normal mode

5. drag the head selection into the old image, be sure it makes a new layer.

6. Name the layer that contains the new head "head"

7. convert the head layer to greyscale (if image is not already). Image - adjustmients - gradient map. select the black and white gradent, you may not need to reverse it but do so if you need to.

8. edit - Free transform "head" layer to cover the mans face to how you like it.

9. filter - noise - add noise... set it around 3 (default) and set the radio button to uniform

10. Now create a mask for "Head" layer and feather out any ruff edges you may have, to make it look a bit more natural

11. Create a new layer.

12. now with a white pencil tool on the new layer, create some scratches of your own.

its that easy!

By Nohbudy
This tutorial is on the basis you have photoshop 7 and uses 2 sample photos to go with it.
You learn how to make a picture look old.
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July 18, 2004
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