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Aubergine (Foobar Skin)

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Published: May 14, 2014
© 2014 - 2020 noha-ra
Extract the rar to foobar/skins/

//PLEASE let me know if the buttons and volume slider work for you, or don't I've updated the skin so you shouldn't have to change paths if you extract it to the right location.//

Download in the sidebar. Please leave any comments questions or concerns.

Make sure you have columns UI and WSH panel mod components installed.
If you don't have the /skins/ folder in your foobar directory, then just make a new folder called skins.

make sure the final path for all the images is /foobar/skins/Aubergine and not /foobar/skins/

If you are installing foobar as a portable installation the buttons and volume slider may not show up, and you will have to change the path manually.

If the seekbar and volume scripts are broken replace them with these:
volume script ::
seekbar script :: (you will need proggytinyttsz [font] for it to display perfectly)

update_1(may 28th, 2014)
-changed now playing text height so it doesn't clip with the volume slider, and allows more room for longer song titles
    (this is a temporary fix for the moment)
-fixed some colors that were inconsistent
-slimmed down the volume slider.

update_2 (may 31st, 2014)
-changed nowplaying and tabs font to montecarlo (
-changed several colors
-slimmed down and made buttons more consistent.

update_3 (June 1st, 2014)
-fixed volume bar from clipping text above it. (play pause and skip still clip text, but do not cause weird artifacts.)
-changed some fonts back to segoe.

(still need to fix text artifacts above buttons)

(volume slider script and tab script from slowboyfast's speight skin)
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shiibehHobbyist Digital Artist
does anyone have the download for this? the dl button is broken :(
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Wondering if you can help me, there's a few things i'm trying to do, but i'm having issues, because i don't know anything about code =P (Razz) 

I cant figure out how to move the volume controls around. so far the only way i found to move them was editing the volumes jscript, but when i move them around they seem to clip on something.

The box surrounding the controls and album art obviously, is now to big for the smaller album art, but i cant find how to resize that to be more fitting.

and other thing i'm not sure about is, the music titles, long titles clip off the edges obviously since the area is smaller now, but is there away to start and end the usable area so i can align it with the album art?

  4af5eb21cd0c081b566b52654229842f by TrinnSenn  

Thanks for any help. i'm probably way outta my depth here, but i figure its worth asking
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If I try to press the seekbar near the beginning of a track, my mouse will resize the window instead of clicking as shown here:…

Is this just normal behavior, or is it limited to me? I ask this because I don't remember it happening before.

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Good theme mate, nice work, but i was wondering if you or anyone could help me fixing this issue:

1- The artwork/cover is not aligned to the bottom as shown in the screenshot.
2- The track title is not fully shown when it have a long title/name.

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CloudyNighttimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Mine didn't have a skins folder so I just made one, but it isn't working.
DESUMATE's avatar
holy shit that album takes me back
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Sorry if I'm dumb, but how do you have no bars with minimize, restore, and maximize buttons? Looks great that way
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Not OP but you can edit the titlebar (bar with minimize, restore, and maximize buttons) in Settings > Components > Display > Default User Interface > Main Window > General > Frame style. Just set it to no caption, I think that should work (it did the trick for me). Hope this helps!
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It says I am missing ELPlaylist and Biography.
help anyone?
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dwxdwyHobbyist General Artist
hi my foobar is messed up: my buttons are not showing up, so has my artwork. i am also unable to click on any of the tabs; whenever i try to do so, my mouse turns into the resize mouse icon, meaning that i cannot "click" on any of the tabs. does anyone know what the issue is here? I have already reinstalled f2k, wsh panel, columns, and the aubergine skin.
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how do I split the tabs ( when I do it it just disappears and I need to reapply the skin )
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How do I put the tabs above the album art but keep the the playlist and everything on the right?
celroid's avatar
I can't figure this thing out. I want to have the tab buttons first and below it the album art and the buttons.
celroid's avatar
Why the hell does changing the panel stack splitter below change the one above it as well. My head hurts
celroid's avatar
Can you have the tab buttons in one panel work on another panel? So if I have a panel on the left with Visualization and library pressing the button should change the second panel on the right to library or visualization?
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Damn programming and title formatting. I wish it was as simple as drag and drop.
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How can I change the font from montecarlo? I've been trying to get this for hours and it's giving me a headache. I'm trying to get the font set to HaxrCorp S8. Is there also a way to edit the colors?
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jumiknightHobbyist Interface Designer
Hey, I tried to load the .fcl, but it says it's missing a component. I tried to search for it, but I couldn't find it. Tips?
Here's a pic:
jumiknight's avatar
jumiknightHobbyist Interface Designer
Nevermind, I actually found it. I just wanted to know if there's a chance I could add playlists without using the menu toolbar? Instead of hiding and showing it again. Also, is there anyway I could remove the border? My AHK script isn't working on it.
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how did you fix it I have it and a few other one too???
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Does anyone know how to sort the library by artist?
Instead of having every album showing, can't you sort it by just artists?
ImJustHereForSkins's avatar
Can't get it to work. I add the folder in the skins folder and when I open Foobar, it isn't skinned.
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jumiknightHobbyist Interface Designer
You need every component that was described in the post. When you load Foobar, go to File > Preferences. Choose Column UI and in FCL Importing and Exporting, choose "Import" and select the .fcl file that came with the skin.
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I'm loving this skin. It's working without any problem, but i don't know how apply the font, I was setting the "Columns UI<Colours and font" but it doesn't work. I would appreciate some help. (sorry for being a noob and my bad english).
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