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Shower Time: 8 years later

By noh-bahdi
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It feels kind of weird to think that I only created Tiffany "Comfort" Lewis (almost) 3 years ago, considering how many pages I've written and how many years of her life I've covered since then. Since her debut as a visual representation of a concept taken from someone else's story, I feel like I've succeeded in making her one of the most developed (some might say "overwrought") original characters in the community.

In this image, we have a reprisal of her debut, in which Tiffany is attempting to enjoy a shower in the same chain of hotels (hence the identical bathroom design) she stayed in during her time as the P.E.P. spokesmodel, only this time as a stop on her tour across Europe. Mainly, I was interested to see if she'd still fit in the shower cabinet considering how much she's grown. The answer is "no."

Since I like to journal about "new things I learned about DAZ Studio" in most of my renders, here's the scoop on this one: This is the first time I've managed to make the "collide with" checkbox for a 3D model do something useful. I used it on Tiffany herself to make her bulgy bits squash up against the shower cabinet rather than clipping through it (though there's still plenty of that which I managed to hide). Usually collision is supposed to be something that works with conforming clothing items to make them fit right, but I've gave up on that a long time ago, since it generally doesn't work with hyper sizes.
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Hope she just keep growing way more

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Will we see more of her soon?

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Yup, her story isn't over by a long shot.

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Will we another story of her within the mouth?

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I’m asking if we will see another story of her this month or later.

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If you're asking if I'll post another story in December 2020... probably. It's in the proofing stage.

If you're asking if I'll post another story about Tiffany in this "month" (actually year 15) of gestation or later, yes, definitely.

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Awesome progress you made!

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Looks super nice! It's really shows her progress! Hope to see her even bigger in the future

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Amazing to see how much she's grown!

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Wow, amazing to flip between the two pictures and see the differences! Keep up the great stuff!

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