Are My Drawings Really Drawings?

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A commenter was "nice" enough to let me know that I did not draw my drawings. He or she claimed that I was using a PowerPoint filter to make my drawings. I will admit that I was aware of this filter, and that its use does bare a very close similarity to my drawings. However, I have NEVER used it to create an image that I claim to have drawn.

I can understand where someone would be coming from to accuse me, or anyone else for that matter of faking their art; and as I have no way to actually prove that I created these pieces myself, there is little I can do about said accusations. All I can do is respond with the true to the commenter (as if that will do any good), and make this post about it to bring awareness to the speculation.

I have no problem answering questions about my process if anyone has any, as I have absolutely nothing to hide. You want to know something, ask! You have a concern, let me know! You want to make accusations that I am a fake, go ahead! I don't want this to sound crass or defensive, but I don't make my drawings to please other people, I make them to please myself. If other people happen to like them, or enjoy looking at them, then great! I am glad someone is finding beauty in this world in any place they can.

I believe I have kavetched enough for one day. Feel free to send me a message via the comment section if you want. I promise that I do read them.

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