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Drawlloween 2018 Day27 Jim Henson

I didn't care for the prompts for the official Drawlloween Challenge this year, therefore I have decided to do my own list this year.

Drawlloween 2018 Day 27
Prompt: Jim Henson

Jim Henson was the greatest puppeteer to ever live. He was main creator of my favorite film, Labyrinth. Another of his films that I absolutely love is The Dark Crystal. I have done several drawings from Labyrinths, so I wanted to venture into The Dark Crystal this time. My favorite character in this film is  the Chamberlain, SkekSil who was second in line to the Skeksi throne. At the beginning of the film he is pushed out of his rightful place and embarks on an adventure to reclaim his thrown. His character is viewed as one of the bad guys, but it is so nuanced and fascinating that you almost root for him. I knew that when I decided to do a drawing from the film that he had to be in it. I hope you enjoy.

 Photo Credit: The Dark Crystal By Henson Associates and Universal Pictures.
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This is breathtaking! I love when people draw skeksis, these too, especially! The grump Ung shows here is so funny :)
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Great take on the skeksis, I really like how this drawing came out! *and I agree: he´s also my favorite character in the Dark Crystal, and I definitely root for him since first watch( some  29 yrs ago!) - even tho I know the audience was meant to root for the gelflings  ;) 
His characterisation and small nuances, quirks and whatnot are just too brilliant to not fee compelled to choose him as a fave! 
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Thank you so much. Its always a pleasure to find another fan of the Skeksis.
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Same here! :handshake: we are there, but we´re not that many, yes? ^^ 
There´s some people who seems to like tghe skeksis well enough here on DA,and a small group of real fans of them-  but also a lot bigger number which absolutely loathes them XD
It´s indeed a pleasure to meet another true fan, thanks for the kind reply! ^^