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Shattered Seven Theme

By nofx1994
Here is what windows seven should look like if it was to shown wear and tear from use.
I know most people that use their pc like I do this is about what it would look like some even worse lol,
but I hope you enjoy another great theme from yours truly. Now onto whats in the theme.

1. Theme
2. Slate Blue dock made by me
3. Walls
1. Marble Wall
2. Marble Wall Dark
3. Shattered Seven
4. Sunken Seven by
All made by me
4. Viper Squadron Font (To be Installed before the theme)
5. Theme Resource Changer (To be Installed before the theme)

All rights reserved © nofx1994.
My work shall not be reproduced, copied, edited, published,
or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
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that was an awesome man thnx for share
randyboy99's avatar
Very cool not to mention the amount of time and thought that you put into this
NAHOM1's avatar
Very impressive theme nofx :sun:
pantera1000's avatar
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sorry about that i fixed the link. the site that my themes are on changed host and i forgot to change some of the links to my stuff, but just follow the link and you will be able to get the theme
NoobGamer75's avatar
I diden't know stuff like this could be done with themeing windows, i always thought you had to make little parts that had to be stretched.
Nice one bro
nofx1994's avatar
lol well myself and quite a few others have been thinking way outside the box on themes since windows seven came out and i dont even think we have even touch on the possibilities that can be done with themes but thanks a bunch for the comment
NoobGamer75's avatar
I can tell bro,, must have had a lot of headaches too ? I tryed my hand at it years ago in the xp days turned out to be like a orange tango theme lol wasent verry good on the eyes lol, i gave up in the end was to much fiddely for me, now if i could just make a full page psd and import it with one click that would be a dream come true lol.
nofx1994's avatar
yeah when i do new techniques there is alot of testing evolved that is for sure but I love bringing out newer and better stuff all the time
Ton-K300's avatar
Nice design! ;)
nofx1994's avatar
thanks glad you like it
Ton-K300's avatar
You're most welcome! :w00t:
bbosa's avatar
:devart: wow great work my friend ,, thanks for sharing :b0x0rz::headbang:
nofx1994's avatar
glad you like it bbosa
raven-jett's avatar
Fantastic job! Turned out great...I know you worked hard on it.
nofx1994's avatar
Thanks my love i am glad it turned out good aswell
JockHammer's avatar
Sweet theme bro, many thanks
nofx1994's avatar
anytime really glad you like it
lahercoll's avatar
Indeed a spectacular topic my friend nofx without words teacher the whole work of art and especially main fantastic work thank you for sharing with us this great talent look after yourself and regards friend we meet even prompt...
nofx1994's avatar
thanks lahercoll I am glad it turned out like intended
4hellcat's avatar
this is very looks good, great work, awesome, thank you Harvey :D ;-)

damage that there is no user pic frame
nofx1994's avatar
yeah there is no good use for a pic frame anyways lol
bigcyco1's avatar
is this the vs you and devil had a little match against each other?Anyway, looks great don't think i have this on my new p.c. i will half to get this and take her for a spin lol
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