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Odyssey 2011



Here is my update of my very first theme "Odyssey". The update was needed because that theme was my only modded theme
and I wanted to make it all my own and this is what i came up with. The theme turned out even better than the first one
in my eyes because I have learned so much since I first began making themes and hope everyone like this one just as much
as the first version I did.Now lets see what all this theme includes:

1. Theme
2. valhn font (This needs to be done before installing the theme)
3. Theme Resource Changer (If never done before this will be needed to be done before the theme is installed to show
Explorerframe buttons,Start Orb, and Shell32 images)
4. Cursor (Thanks to ArtemisFowlXX for helping me mod the colors to match this theme)
5. Wallpapers
1. odyssey 2011 by Raven Jett
2. Cosmos by Raven Jett
3. time warp by Raven Jett
4. Colorblind by NOFX1994
5. Speed Graff by NOFX1994
( I want to thank my fiance for providing some new walls for this update)
6. Odyssey Rocket Dock Skin made by me
7. I almost forgot I want to thank Bigcyco and Razorsedge for testing this for me

Well I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.

This artwork is protected under copyright law and
cannot be altered or modified without my consent and may
not be redistributed anywhere period.

and you can get the theme here: [link]
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Taskbar won't rainbow. :(