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Majestic Metal Theme



This was a very enjoyable build here with the chance to pull off a flawless metal theme
and I think it turned out just how i planned it to be.The frames on this were quite a challedge for me because they are using both frame and shadow to get the effect of a complete bevel explorer window for a very cool 3d effect. The start menu i wanted to try something different so i went for an effect of almost floating with some cool 3d effects on it and everything on the start menu is still fully functional the search,logoff, all programs they are just hidden from view. To search just start typing what you are looking for in the start menu and the search box will pop up and for the programs tab and logoff buttons just hover over them and they appear. Now that is out of the way onto what is included in the theme.

1. Theme
2. Majestic Metal Rocket dock
3. Red Metal Token Icon Set (dock Icons)
4. Time.cpl (both 32 and 64 bit)
5. Custom sounds (Thanks to razor for the help on these)
6. Cursor (Red Mix by Wolverine) thanks it goes great with it
7. Wallpapers (14 wallpapers total and all found on the net with no names so if anyone knows the maker please let me know so i can give credit where credit is do).

Also there is an explorer folder in the theme folder that needs the extension .exe added to it because just of the exe extension deviant thought there was an executable file in there (thanks all you virus guys) but to show the start button that folder needs that extension added to it.
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how to get dock to work pls help