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Black Ops Theme

By nofx1994
Here is my latest theme "Black Ops". I figured since everyone has been playing this game they might enjoy a theme of the game and here it is. Now onto the theme it includes:

1. Theme
2. Docks (top and bottom) made by me
3. Timecpl (32 and 64 bit)
4. Wallpapers one by (call_of_duty_black_ops_wp_by_voldreth-d2zubgh) thanks and the rest are screens of the game
5. Icons by CoD Black Ops - Game Icon Pack by =KingAciD thanks (modded by me for my needs on the theme) but originals are here
[link] ... 7#/d31c875
6. explorerframe,shell32,start orb all change with resource changer(included)

So I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking

All Black Ops images are copyrighted by Activision and this theme was done strickly on a fan basis.

and you can get it here

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çok iyi görünüyor eline sağlık yanlzı link öiü yenileme şansınız varmı

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virtual customs link is dead too :(
Space0ctopus's avatar
Half of your themes are completely unavailable :( Could you plz upload to DA?
this excellent but how do I download
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This is pretty cool, look forward to seeing more of your work :)
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Great job Harvey, beautifull theme
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Like I said at Ctx, Great work!!!
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very successful
nofx1994's avatar
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looks awesome for certain
nofx1994's avatar
thanks shipppD
ShippD's avatar
you are welcome
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Looks great but maybe to much green
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yeah i did not want to do camo so i did more greens instead everyone that does an army type theme does camo and wanted to do something different
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awesome theme, good job, I like start menu :D
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thanks eva the start menu is an actual bullet box used by the military
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