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I got the Beta to see the different lists, including who is following my Patreon! I post on there for the free followers also cause I really feel this platform is going to eventually out do Facebook, especially with the current changes they have for Pages this coming year. Its sad to have to try to rebuild the following when Pages does not show posts, so PLEASE help get the word out that you know...Im pretty cool. I mean I think I am.....ok maybe not...BUT STILL!... Pledge to get my images high res for printing or just follow for free!

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Remember.... Im a mom...I wont rock your world sexually but I can draw a mean chicken, and provide you with the best coloring jobs possible <3

Twitch is where I draw!

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Just an update from my last post: The art theft was taken down ^_^ Thanks to everyone who helped out. I know this person has been doing this to a LOT of artists and it really is sad. I almost feel bad for this person...almost. 
Anyways, I am keeping all the screenshots and such since this person has a history of re posting later down the road. 

Thanks again! <3
Update: the image in question is off her DA!

Didn't know what to call the title if this entry since its the same ol' song and dance HAHAHA This is a LONG READ so sorry

I haven't had to talk about an issue like this in a long time, but apparently this "artist" is an issue and has done this to many other artists, so I guess it was just a matter of time for me HAHAHA
The artist Has posted her art here as her own designs and only has me as "pose reference" LOL. I did post to her page on people's comments that if you like these you should check out the originals. I screen shot the posts cause it has come to my attention she deletes comments,blocks, and ignores messages. 
There is a HUGE difference between using a pose and tracing.... Please do not do this. In the end it will just make any future art you do that less creditable. This is not an argument on the laws of fan art and derived works. This is about flat out tracing an image, and even happens to my original IP. What is sad, is that she could be a wonderful artist, if she actually tried brainstorming and coming up with original design work. Tracing, even eyeballing, is a great way to learn and should be used as a learning tool, but only with permission of the original artist, or at the very least, proper credits. I have MANY people who love my fantasy style and have created their own characters, or other fan art characters from the series that I havent done, in my style, but know to credit me for the idea. This is great, and I thank you! I am an artist that believes in fan art, if it is done as a redesign and honors the characters. It brings in more fans to a series. Cosplay is a form of Fan Art, and I love seeing people who cosplay my original characters ^_^

Here Im going to break it down on how I view things (This is not the law, please read on Copyrights in your country of use):
-Original IP = Awesome! Its yours cool! no credit given! 
- Fair Use Original IP= Over 100 years old, Fairy tales, folklore, etc ect. Still yours, no credit given,but I  still source the idea so people can recognize.
-Fan Art Redesigns= Drawing of someones Original IP but in their own genre, clothing, AND unique style of drawing. I do mostly this when drawing Fan Art. I have a couple of standard Fan Art pieces, but to me that is kinda boring. 
-Fan Art of someone's Style= Using elements of a person's or Company's style, but done to your own characters or other Fan Art, but sourcing said style ( example: "Game of Thrones" Disney style or Anime style, or even Picasso style LOL)
-Parody/Fair Use = Fan Art Redesigns and Fan Art of someone's Style is where I feel these should lie. Why? Because "Disney style Game of Thrones" to me is obvious parody to both Disney and Game of Thrones or A Redesign of Disney Princesses into, lets say "Gothic Disney Princesses", with stereotypical attire still can be argued its a parody of the culture, characters, and the style. This is where people will argue its still just fan art and will be dealt with on a case by case issue. This is where I think that "gray area" kinda comes into play and is a tough call. 
-Fan Art = redraw of Original IP in exact form (hair, colors, outfit, ect) but in your own unique style of drawing, not similar to Original IP..but is still the original IP intended. US Copyrights put everything under this unless its Original IP, Fair Use, or Parody. Copyrights are difficult to understand is some cases, since it could be under fair use, but you wont know until you go to court, and at that point no small artist would even bother. 
- References = Using an image to use elements that can not be Copyright, but done in your own unique style. A person sitting, how hair flows in the wind,common clothing pieces,and its hard to tell when something is stolen when there are tons of art in classic pin up poses, and only so many ways a person can stand.
-Fan Art of Fan Art= Drawing someone's fan art of someone Fan Art Redesigns. (THIS is where I draw the line of Gray Area. You cant be stopped by the Original Fan Artist so easily (since they are also in a gray area), but you are not honoring the character like the original Fan Artist intended. At This point its about money). Drawing Fan Art of Fan Art is ok,as long as its for fun and get permission. 
- Tracing= Placing an image on top of another and copying either the whole image, or pieces of the image to claim as one's original design.
-Eyeballing (tracing using your eyes is still tracing)= Copy everything. Style, the swoop of the lines, the way the lines match up even if they arent physically putting the image on top of the image

This is where Tracing (and Eyeballing) artists get it wrong: They *THINK* they are doing a "Fan Art of a Style while Referencing a Redesign" (read my chart above LOL) but they aren't. Is it unethical to blatant trace(and pass it as your own creation)? Yes. At least Redesigns of a character show design skill. Heck, its how a lot of people end up working for a company or develop their own style, that may one day become a known genre. What she did was not just for practice, or learning like she claims, she traces images, changed them just a bit, then claimed the ideas for herself. 

Also, please do NOT harass her. This is just informing you all to be aware of this artist and what not to do in the art community cause it WILL get back to the artist, it always does. Also claiming you "found the images with no credits" is silly...there is reverse imaging for the past few years already AND IN THIS CASE...I put my DA credits right on my images on my DA >.>
Hey everyone! I wanted to put out there that frequently I get a lot of messages asking if I would work on people's projects (books, comics,ect). Unfortunately I do not do panel work, I only do concept art and costume desgins. Personal and professional commissions are still ok as long as they are within what I will do.

Also, this isn't my first rodeo, please do not send messages that consist of "hey can you draw for me, I can't pay you, but I want you for this"

Waaa!! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!! :D I did not expect to see so many!!! 

Hey everyone! As a reminder I DO have a Patreon! Please check it out!

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Hey everyone! Recently I did the Stormfly commission for someone and I shared it on my social medias. This is normal for me since I like to show what you can get from me as a commission. This commission was taken LIVE, on stream. I then shared it on Facebook, because like any other piece of art, I really liked it and wanted to show off that I could do something other than sexy pinup burlesque. Hence then the person was upset that I showed it because they wanted to cosplay it first. Here is the thing,

1. It was taken LIVE on stream. 

2. No contract was drafted for a time release, or exclusive only piece. 

3. Its a derived character.

I decided to post the art here regardless of her being upset about it because this is my portfolio. If something happens to the file, God forbid, I have proof of creation. This is why I share things unless I sign contracts. There is no exclusivity. The only exclusive thing you get, is the art to use for personal use on what ever print material you want as long as you aren't selling it. I honestly do not care if you want to cosplay the piece first, I need to show proof that I designed it.

Thank you.


*as a note I would like to state that all commission art is not usually sold as prints, unless other agreements are made*
Hey everyone! today is the last day to get Holiday Sailor Moon as a digital download on my Patreon! She will be available as a limited print at Holiday Matsuri, Orlando FL. After that, she will no longer ever be sold!

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Hey everyone! I finally started up my Patreon!
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Hey! I am not doing cons till 2015 so I will be drawing a lot till then X3

If you still want any hat commissions please email me or check out

Thanks and stay tuned for updates!

So I had a very interesting day... And I feel I need to explain it.

I will start from the beginning but try to make it short. Found a piece on ebay being sold using my art. I never give permission for things to be used for selling purposes. I contacted the person and never got a reply(later on found out, it didn't send through ebay). I post about it on Facebook, like I have done in the past, to talk about why using art without permission isn't cool, art theft, ect. WELL, basically, because it was for charity, I was made out to be this evil uncaring person. The person(on ebay) claimed that their friend already had permission from me, I was confused, defensive and what not. I had to defend why even for charity, I should of been asked. She insisted I gave permission and why should she have to ask again. Ok...found out I did. Person then (all in private chat) tells me I should next time look into what I give permission for, and "Just FYI your comments have been called obnoxious and rude and definitely unprofessional. You need to think about that when you post on your professional site vs your personal site.."

I'm still baffled because I swore I never give permission for anything sell-able, only for personal use or for free with credit and a link.

Turns out, I was right. Screen shot of the message...yes I said "sure".. but that was only because the person who asked me and made it claimed, it was for personal use and would not be sold for profit.

Let me explain something...regardless if it is for a good cause, selling someone's art is not permitted if they state it cant be. I'm not talking fan art of original character here, or cosplay prints, I'm talking, straight up traced into vectors, printed out off the internet the drawings that I made. Literally, my drawing. Tracing is stealing if its used for profit.
Hey I am revoking all Geo Tag permission and anything that deals with Pathtag. When originally asked, I said "sure" not realizing it was not a PSP TUBE site.

From now on any asking of permission has to be privately messaged. Asking in comments will not be valid.

Hey! Just to let you all I am looking into selling prints on my website store
Also, if you like the Sailor Scouts I am doing, please check out all the progress and updates I post on my Facebook like page here:…

Thank you everyone so much for the Birthday Wishes!! :D I was so happy to come on and to see so many!

Hey everyone! I have had quit a few people message me on people tracing my art, which I am VERY grateful for! I have had a few people in the past flat out trace my work and sell it. One girl claimed she had every right to redraw my work because she changed more than 50% of it. In her case, I placed my art on top of hers and all she did was move an arm X_X she then proceeded to tell me she thought of the ideas on her own and that I was copying her... which was even more hilarious when I pointed out that DA has a nifty thing called a time stamp and my work was posted 2 years before hers. Ahhh you amuse me.
using my work as pose reference is totally cool. As long as it's your own character and it does not resemble mine in any way. there are only so many poses out there, and there is no difference if I draw a character sitting to the left or you draw a character sitting to the left...just make sure when I see it, I can tell it was used for the pose and not just an eyballed drawing of something I did.

Eyeballing IS tracing. "But I didn't TRACE it" Eyeballing is when I take a drawing someone did, and draw it out exactly. Eyeballing is a GREAT way for learning. I had to do it all in high school. I would reproduce art in different mediums, which taught me a lot about color and shading. I don't use those pieces in a portfolio, they were a learning tool that produced some fantastic art I can display on my walls for personal use. Eyeballing a drawing is using your eyes as the photocopy machine and your hands as the ink. If it produced the same exact piece it is traced, regardless if it is good or not. 

Sorry for the mega upload to DA! I have been so busy with back to back cons I just didnt get a chance to upload many of my creations :) Some were sold and some are still available for purchase :)

I will be making lots more for Animazement! Stay tuned! 
WOO! Megacon was great guys! I had SO MUCH FUN! 
My next convention will actually be Animazement in NC! I also will be back in my home state of FL for Metrocon :) 

Not much of an update for now, but I was SO HAPPY to see fans of mine come to my booth! It was so awesome! :D

Katsucon was a great success and I really hope to come back next year!

The next con I will be at will be Megacon in Orlando Florida :) I hope to see some of you there!

So as some of you know I will be selling at Katsucon this year :D
I will be in artist alley, with my sister so please stop by and say hello!

I need to hustle and get stuff done @_@