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Updated Suicide Harley

By NoFlutter
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Its been 4 years! After seeing the Birds of Prey trailer I felt this piece needed an update!

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That looks incredible. I love your art style. So very gorgeous and unique. Pretty <3. 
autumnrose83's avatar
one fine ass hot mess
Pixiepastel94's avatar
drop dead gorgeous!!!!! :3
paws4thot's avatar
Arkannes - I'm not suggesting you copy this, but it's something different as an extra inspiration...
Arkannes's avatar
Thanks, I'm planning to go more the Arkham route like I said though. Suicide Harley is cool and the artist here did an awesome job but I don't think it's the version I want to cosplay.
paws4thot's avatar
You do what you want obviously, but I know a lot of people who have taken inspiration from the (ever awesome) NoFlutter's take on a character (and some who've actually used her art as a base design for a cosplay).

I don't cosplay, but I do make models, and I like to see variations when planning a custom car or a "what if" military project.
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I actually met this artist at a local con and she was awesome! I would love to do one of her variants someday, just for a different character, like maybe her Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman. I’ve already done my character research and chosen a direction, but it is a very nice picture as I said and I’m sure it is very inspiring to people who do want to go the suicide squad route. In the groups I cosplay with we already have three or four people who cosplay that variant so there just isn’t need for another.
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:) - We're threatening to over-explain to each other maybe?
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I didn't think so? You like the design, I like it too but I'm doing something else and might try a different one of hers someday. 
Thank you for the thought and I'm not angry, but I don't want help or to be tagged in any more drawings of Harley Quinn because I've already decided on my own version and I am capable of researching on my own as I've already done. The explanations were me trying to hint more politely because I'm not a fan of conflict but I guess it's better to be direct in this case.
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