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Human Claptrap

So as people know I am not currently taking commissions. I have so much art I need to work on for myself that I put on back burners. BUT...sometimes..just sometimes...I read a piece of mail that sparks my interest. They usually present an idea to me that just made me go...omg that would be fun as shit to draw *_* Or sometimes I just get a challenge accepted game face on HAHAHA...

This sketch was one of those moments XD
I never played Borderlands and I REALLY WANT TO. When he said a friend of his wanted to do a humanoid sexy Claptrap first I was like...what the hell is a Claptrap....when he showed me the picture, and said it was an annoying robot..I was all...ohh... I GOT AN IDEA.
I did some research, played around in my head and sketched this real quick.

I think she is annoying-ly cute X3

Aa note someone mentioned she looked like Miku X3 Not my intention LOL I just always thought characters who were clinging and annoying had bouncy pigtails X3

Also, when I get the chance I will fix and make this a bit more finished <3

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