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This is Demonia, She is a character I made into a pixel doll first but really liked the design enough to draw her. I was thinking of using her for my Red Queen design to go with my Crazy Alice
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holyy crap where dew yew gett yourr inspiration from ? :D
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that is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!
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badass to the extreme XD
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wow, really nice work. Quite a unique style of coloring and illustration. Character design looks wonderful and creepy in a way. Great work! :thumbsup:
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I love the design you have for her. Before reading your description I thought she was your Red Queen for the Alice art you've done so far.
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She is soooo gorgeous.
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i really like it!
so awsome
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She's so gorgeous! I love your art. *o*
However~ I think your creativity is so good that if you wanted to make a Red Queen, you could come up with a completely different design. But of course that's all up to you! ^^
I think she'd make a lovely Red Queen. I say go for it!
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I think this design would work very well for the red queen. ^_^
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