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Joker and Harley gender swap! <3
Joker costume idea was inspired by an old circus Ring Master meets high wire artist while Harley was inspired by old Victorian Baseball and circus Stronge Man. 
As a Note, this is NOT Duela Dent!…

Taken from My Facebook post on this debate:

 I got linked to this:…

*But the best are the comments on the Steampunk page…

Qeue the eye twitching! *twitch twitch twitch*

My long 2:20(to 5:30 :D ) am rant..its a good read I promise! 

Ahem. So. Yeah...let's start from the beginning..a long long time ago. Like..what 2 or 3 years?..anywhoo...a miss informed fanboy made a mean meme on a cosplayers Steampunk Duela Dent. Tumblr then did what it does best and made an example of them. Since then..anyone who cosplays a female genderbent Joker is totally Duela em I right?.. no. Sorry are alas..wrong. GASP! But..but...the Tumblr meme told me so....

Let's not get into the whole Duela occasionally has green hair but mainly is a red head..or the fact that she is the daughter of alternate universe Two Face (Three Face if we want to get technical..I know how people love to get technical..or as I like to call her..Flag she seriously looks like she is going to a soccer game..ok I'm off track...) and the Jokester (Trickster? Fuuuuuu I can't remember this early in the am!) , or the fact that the Steampunk thing was a one time thing and is the only good outfit she ever had (past tense)..or that the new 52 Duela looks like Punk Rock took a poop... no...that's just timey wimey dribble. And I will be honest. I haven't kept up with comics in such a long time..maybe it changed!? (Seriously..I'm not a fan of new 52 anything, and there is so much that constantly changes that I have given up remembering details, you can have my geek card if you really want it).  

Let's talk about how everyone has the internet at their finger tips and yet something as simple as..ohh I donno..simple information like oh..look! Wikipedia!...who knew!! 

Or the fact that the artist herself states "I like to draw Victorian inspired fantasy and loosely based the ideas on this" yet she is totally wrong..because you know...the Meme told me so 

Yes yes...Steampunk Duela and NoFlutter Fem Joker are totally the same! One has short hair..the other does not...hmm..Maybe it's the purple coat? Wait...Duela is wearing mainly brass...OMG....ITS THE HAT. Damn it I KNEW IT. Totally the same. Totally. Or wait...maaaybe they are so similar cause they wear..ohh..I donno..THE JOKERS COLORS. Knew it. Such a rip off. Curse that NoFlutter *shakes fists* next time she draws the female Joker she needs to use other colors...wait..then it's just Harley. Poop. *kicks dirt*

I'm also going to add READING. It is very important. It will test your knowlege. Cause honestly if everyone who actually read the article knows it credits and directly links to the artist...GASP! AND.. if you went even deeper, You could look at the artists, ohh I don't know..their portfolio?..and see that...hmm...there seems to be a continuing theme here....who knows..maybe your Spidey sense will start to tingle.
You mean...I can't just make quick judgements and use tumblr Memes as a direct source of legitimacy??.. SAD FACE.


You know....I forgot my point I was ranting so hard LOOL
If a cosplayer or any other artist, states "this is based on this idea.." Then gives you REFERENCES, do not tell them they are wrong because more then likely they did their research. 
So far every single person who is arguing that Rei is Duela and the person who wrote the article is dumb sound like this:

*cosplaying Batwoman* "hey everyone! Look at this AMAZING Batwoman cosplay"

"OMG they are soooo dumb..that is obviously Batgirl"

---> Point is... I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DUELA AND THE JOKER... apparently..crazy fanboys and girls...can't tell.. -_- 

You realize if you are making comments like this you are no better then the mean meme and you just came full circle. 
Also the reply back to one person after trying to prove that they didn't draw what they know they drew isn't "Omg take a chill pill! " 
NO. As Ruby Rhod would say... "BZZZZ!" 

*edit..I have insomnia, pardon me I tend to turn into Scrooge and get a bout of sarcasm. Thank you all who read my actual rant. <3

But I am now done on this matter.
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I like the designs, great work