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Candypunk Girl

Candy Steampunk Inspired <3

*Updated on 4/14/2015
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I saw someone make a doll based on this on youtube!
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Did you base this on something (it looks familiar) or is it an original design?
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It is original ^_^
Azane-Yukiya's avatar
I love characters with gas mask, and yours is just so wonderful !
You have so much originality ! <3
LinaTheDivine's avatar
i want this outfit... <3 freakin awesome!
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momerath74's avatar
This is fantastic! I love the sweet candy colors and the fact you blended it with steampunk. :)
Yuiko-Ame's avatar
I love it ! It's beautifull!
enjoithis's avatar
This is so amazing! I love it (love love love) Makes me wanna do a cosplay of it... But I'm not sure I would do it justice~
Simply stunning though!
TheDoogler's avatar
I think the thing that excites me the most about this drawing is the mask. Sure the character is very fun and sexy looking, but that mask just adds a completely new element that is exciting in an of itself. I want to know what is behind that mask.
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... It... it's like the physical embodiment of Pyroland.
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I would so cosplay that.
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You are so absolutely creative, your character renders are superb! :squee:
snowflake16yuki's avatar
I absolutely love this one.
Zoinkles's avatar
Would you mind...if I took this design and dressed up as it? eoe
NoFlutter's avatar
Sure just link pictures :3 I would love to see!
Zoinkles's avatar
Awesome! No guarantee though that it will happen. |D;;
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