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Nofew by Nofew Nofew by Nofew
My primary character, drawn by a friend ( [link] ). I can't draw for my life.

I teared up when I got this. For years I had been trying to find someone who'd draw him for free since I didn't trust paying someone a few hundred bucks and end up getting him wrong. The very first time he tried, he nailed it. I couldn't have asked for a better picture.

Nofew is copyright to me. His entire species, Dap'na, is also copyright to me. Part of the reason I am uploading this is to serve as proof that I thought of him first.

You may NOT use Nofew, or any other dap'na, in any media you create without asking for permission first. This extends to all forms of media including but not limited to pencil sketches, digital productions, computer-aided design, sculpting, costumes, and anything else that portrays an obvious relation to the species (Mainly the uniqueness of their wings, though other factors may be considered in some cases, including but not limited to the clothing worn and any defining bodily marks such as tattoos.).

These restrictions DO apply to fan art! I do not want to have people drawing this species without me knowing about it. It scares me. I don't want some legal terms falling through the cracks by someone claiming to be making fan art, but really use it for their own purpose.
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