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Boku no Hero Academia - My Hero Academia

made from 7 images

another BnHA wallpaper --> HERE
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Koh the face stealer got to them

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Hii noerulb I love your Artwork:D,By the way i hope you dont mind I used this artwork as background for my lofi video, don't worry I gave credits and posted the link in description of your artwork. Check it out

Thank you so much for creating this cool artwork, keep on creating more

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I love the wallpaper, the six cool characters...

I see some trash in the background though

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thank you...

but that last one...Ace1

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This looks so good! I love the detail, awesome work

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Bakugou and the Dekusquad. As for Mineta, I'd like to think he's an on/off member, seeing he has been with Midoriya a few times throughout the series.

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maybe bc he just a pervert so people not see him as solid character....

but idk I drop the series, maybe he got better development now....

no hate pls

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sorry that's just my opinion,

you can ignore it

Chiyo Silent Icon

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spoiler alert: he didn't really get any character development. He doesn't rly deserve one though

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I was looking around for my hero academia LIKE THE PERSON THAT I AM and stumbled across this. This is really amazing keep up the good work!

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