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100 characters meme



Original : [link]

Merida (Brave) - Ygritte, Jon Snow, Arya and Gendry (GoT) - Sebastian (The little mermaid) - Tyrion and Bran (GoT) - Evangelyne (Wakfu) - Eugene/Flynn (Tangled) - Chuck (Chuck) - FoxFace, Clove and Finnick (Hunger Games) - Casey and Morgan (Chuck) - Tony (Iron Man) - Claire, Charlie and Sawyer (Lost) - Mio (K-On) - Midna (Zelda Twilight Princess) - Ezio (Assassin's creed) - Shimizu (Les Légendaires) - Yiya (Yiya) - Chien Po (Mulan) - Chihaya (Chihayafuru) - Kiara (The Lion King 2) - Rapunzel (Tangled) - Navin (The princess and the frog) - Mulan - Toad - Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless (HTTYD) - Britanny (Glee) - Ponyo - L'âne (Srek) - Dimitri and Anastasia (Anastasia) - Damon (VD) - Patrick (Sponge Bob) - Toph, Suki, Soka, Aang, Hiro, Tenzin, Mio (The Legend of Korra or Avatar the last Airbender) - Debra (Dexter) - Effie (Hunger Games) - Rumpel, Pinocchio, August and Red (Once Upon a Time) - Ikki and Korra (The Legend of Korra) - Momo (Avatar the last Airbender) - Luna and Ron (Harry Potter) - Katara (Avatar, The Last Airbender) - Primrose (Hunger Games) - Bolin (The Legend of Korra) - Fergus (Brave) - Desmond (Lost) - Severus Snape (Harry Potter) - Ser Jorah, Daenerys and Eddard Stark (Game of Thrones) - Belle (Once Upon a Time) - Tristepin (Wakfu) - McGonagall (Harry Potter) - Charlotte, Daniel and Alex (Lost) - Megara (Hercule) - Lara Croft - Zelda - Kevin (Ben 10) - Tsumugi (K-on) - Dobby (Harry Potter) - Alex (Totally Spies) - Remus and Tonk (Harry Potter) - Lucy and Leonardo de Vinci (Assassin's Creed) - Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony) - Jenna and Alaric (The Vampire Diares) - Navis (Sillage) - Simba, Rafiki and the hyenas (The lion King) - Junior, Yugo and Adamai (Wakfu) - Jacob (Lost) - Desmond (Assassin's Creed) - Harmony (Mario) .

An that's it :D
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first charcter I spoted was Toothles and my reaction was: OMG SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAWAIIIIIIIIIII Heart Love